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Alexa Chung To Join Gossip Girl Cast
August 4, 2012, 3:24 pm
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Fashionista Alexa Chung, the British television announcer and model best known stateside for her MTV show, It’s On With Alexa Chung, will return to the small screen for a role on the hit CW show, Gossip Girl. Chung will play herself in the 6th and final season of the show, appearing to be apart of Blair’s upcoming fashion line. Are you excited to see Alexa Chung appear next to your Gossip Girl favorites?


Leighton Meester Would Go Bald
July 16, 2010, 2:50 pm
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As it turns out, Blair Waldorf and Leighton Meester probably wouldn’t be BFFs in real life.While the Gossip Girl actress’s character is known for her designer wardrobe and flawless beauty, in real life, Meester couldn’t care less about keeping up with the trends or taming her tresses.

“I’m not super OCD when it comes to every little flyaway,” Meester told PEOPLE. “I like being a little undone.”

And while the 24-year-old star recently became global spokeswoman for hair care brand Herbal Essences, she wouldn’t hesitate to chop off her signature long locks if for the right role. “I know it’s just hair and I can change it however I want. I haven’t shaved my head or anything like that. But, you know if I needed to! It’s part of my job to change my hair.”

For Meester, embracing change is part of her routine, admitting to “playing a part” when she’s on a red carpet. And she turns to her dream team, including makeup artist Chris Colbeck and hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan, to help create her image. “It’s all about individuality and making a big statement. I leave it to the pros, they’re artists. I’ll be like, ‘just do your thing.’”

Britney Spears Cosmopolitan Magazine August 2010
July 6, 2010, 3:16 pm
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Britney Spears gets personal in the August 2010 edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

On the pages of the style mag, the 28-year-old pop princess sharing her thoughts on family, career, and beauty: “I’ve been spending a lot of time at home with my boys (4-year-old Sean Preston and 3-year-old Jayden James). They just started karate class, which is super cute!”

Britney who has had a crazy ride acting and singing since she began on Disney’s The Mouseketeers back in the 90’s  admitted she would never allow her sons to follow her path: “If my sons told me they wanted to be in the entertainment business, I’d: lock them in their rooms until they turned 30.” Even more though, she hopes they avoid other questions, . “I’m dreading the moment when my sons ask me: how babies are made.”

Although her sons have to rule out acting and singing, Britney still wants to act herself.  “The TV show I’d most love to make a cameo on is: Gossip Girl. (Josh Schwartz, make it happen!!!)”

We’d LOVE to see Britney on Gossip Girl also, wouldn’t you?

Clémence Poésy Guest Stars On Gossip Girl

Harry Potter actress, Clémence Poésy will guest star on the upcoming season of the hit CW series, Gossip Girl.

The series has been bringing in new surprise characters recently, including a guest performance by Lady Gaga, and having Hilary Duff take part in six episodes as Dan Humpfrey’s girlfriend. No word yet on how long Clémence Poésy will be apart of the show, but it seems as though she warms up nicely to Ed Westwick’s character, Chuck Bass. We’re jealous!

Gossip Girl returns Monday September 13th at 9/8c.

Ed Westwick steals underwear from his TV show.
June 1, 2010, 4:06 pm
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 ‘Gossip Girl’ actor Ed Westwick never turns up to the set of the drama wearing pants because he feels “more comfortable” without them, so raids the wardrobe of his character Chuck Bass if producers make him wear undergarments.

He stated: “I show up without it and have to put it on. I don’t usually wear underwear. It’s more comfortable and free to air it all out.”

The 22-year-old hunk – who has been dating co-star Jessica Szohr since 2008 – also admitted that despite working long hours, he is never too tired to have sex.

He said: “Sleep or sex? Sex, man. Straight up. Sex, then sleep. I’ve got a great appetite for um, everything.”

Ed has previously claimed he would have sex in public to dispel rumours he is gay.

He said: “I made out with a girl in public. Maybe I need to have sex in public with a woman.

“That one’s still on the list. Still haven’t ticked that one off. Well, I have, but they haven’t seen me. Not George Michael public.”

Ed Westwick Moving On From Co-Star Girlfriend?

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick has reportedly found himself another TV beauty following his split from co-star Jessica Szohr, being linked to 90210’s Annalynne McCord.

The star’s long term relationship with Szohr reportedly came to an end last month, and Westwick appears to have put the break-up behind him after he was seen partying with McCord in New York.

A source tells the New York Daily News, “They went to a Prada event first, and then showed up to the Express and Vogue party together. He blew her a kiss at one point, and everyone in the room saw.”

Earlier this month, a rep for Szohr was forced to deny rumours she had embarked on a new romance, after she was said to have struck up a relationship with another actor, Richard Reid.

Chace Crawford talks about Gossip Girl Finale
May 25, 2010, 12:47 pm
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“It’s an expensive habit,” Chace laughs. “It’s an expensive raccoon thing. She rocks the look, though, I guess.”

But is there any hope for Jenny and Nate? Chace admits: “I always thought [Nate and Jenny] was a little weird. There’s the age gap, she’s still in high school…”

 “[Serena’s] got some issues,” Chace admits. “[But] you’re the next one because you’re the Nate girl. You got the flowers, right? And the wine and all that? Just making sure. I’ve been hitting you up for awhile, no response.”

The Gossip Girl finale was the stuff of shocker legend, and Chace hints that it may propel Nate into a darker place for the coming season.

That may be where they’re going,” Chace says. “It’d be fun to play. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the one getting shot next year.”