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Mary Kate Olsen, Pregnant…
November 28, 2008, 11:13 am
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Mary Kate Olsen’s paparazi friends have been noticing a change in Miss Mary Kate recently, and many-outside of just photographers believe the 22 year old may be expecting her first child.

“Mary-Kate has been looking a lot rounder recently,” a source close to the normally pint-sized 22-year-old tells the National Enqurier. “It is good she has put on weight, because she previously suffered from anorexia, but a lot of people think she could actually be attempting to hide her pregnancy.”

Anytime a woman gains weight, it doesn’t alwasy mean they are pregnant, expecially when it is someone who is becoming healthy after struggling with anorexia. After an eating disorder, you are expected to gain weight, not stay the same. So although the story has made its way into print, and it may be true, but I’m going to wait until the bump is obvious or Mary Kate announces it herself, before I believe she is pregnant. Her business is her business anyways, and I will respectfully stay out of it until that.


Olsen Twin’s Strict Book Signing
November 2, 2008, 6:46 am
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Sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were at Barns & Noble NYC to sign copies of their book, Influence. While book signings are usually just an excuse for fans to meet their favorite celebrities and celebs trying to sell copies, the sisters had strict guidelines set in place. Here’s what found:

1) Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen will be with us for a limited time. They will only be signing copies of their book, Influence. They will not be speaking, reading or taking questions.
2) Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen will NOT sign any memorabilia or product other than Influence. There is a limit of one book per person, and your one book must be purchased here.
3) You will be directed to pay for your book upon entering the store and will be given a receipt for your purchase. Please keep your receipt. You will receive your book at the signing table.
4) Along with your receipt, you will be given a B&N wristband, and then directed to the event space on the 4th floor. You must have a receipt and a wristband to access the 4th floor.
5) Anyone approaching the signing table must have paid for the book and be wearing a B&N wristband. One person, one wristband, one book.
6) You will collect your signed book at the signing table. If you have paid for any additional copies, a staff member will provide you with those before you exit the space.
7) There is no photography allowed. You must put away your camera or cell phone before approaching the signing table. The authors will not pose for photos.
8) If you leave, or the authors leave, before you are able to collect a signed book, you may present your receipt to a cashier for either an unsigned book or a refund. (Refunds only issued within 14 days of receipt.)
9) There will be no extra signed copies available after the authors leave the store. They will not be able to sign for anyone who is not on line. No pre-orders.


Photo: Michael Carpenter/ WENN

Ashley Olsen Spends Time With David

Ashley Olsen spent part of her Halloween Weekend with David Letterman on Thursday. Looking beautiful like her old ways, Miss Olsen talked about life and what she is up to lately. Isn’t that what we’ve all been wondering? Watch the video to find out!