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Taylor Lautner Would Date A Fan
July 4, 2010, 1:35 pm
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Taylor Lautner would happily date a fan. The actor who has previously dated singer Taylor Swift – admits he doesn’t have very strict criteria when it comes to choosing a girlfriend.

He said: “Would I date a fan? Well I don’t exclude anyone, so sure, why not?

“I don’t have a type physically, but loyalty and honesty are important, and also someone who can also just be herself and just let loose and have fun.”

However, though the 18-year-old star claims he doesn’t have a type, he admits to having a crush on actress Jessica Alba.

He added: “I’ve always been a big fan of Jessica Alba. So I have to throw her name out there. Yeah, I’d have to stick with her because I’ve always loved Jessica.”

Taylor Lautner still lives with his parents
June 30, 2010, 1:12 am
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Taylor Lautner is best known for playing werewolf Jacob Black in the ‘Twilight Saga’ – admits he is still expected to carry out domestic tasks in the home, despite his celebrity status.

He said: “I help out with the lawn, garbage, dishes”.

Even when he is away filming, Taylor’s parents don’t let him off his duties when he returns to the family home.

He joked: “When I come back, I have extra mowing to do.”

However, the actor insists he loves his home life and wants to retain normality for “as long as possible”.

He added to ‘The Today Show’ presenter Matt Lauer: “It’s very important to me. I describe it as I live two different lives. I have this life and do what I love to do, but I also have the same exact life as before and nothing has changed.”

Taylor recently admitted he didn’t think he could be in the ‘Twilight’ movies if he didn’t get on with his co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

He said: “The great thing about this series is how the whole cast is so close. It would be a nightmare if we weren’t. It would be impossible to make this series because the characters are so tight. We’re really thankful that we all get along so well.”

Taylor Lautner will only bare his body if the role requires it.
June 15, 2010, 2:38 pm
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Although Taylor Lautner is happy to show off his impressive six-pack in the ‘Twilight’ movies – in which he plays Jacob Black – he isn’t prepared to de-robe in every film he appears in.

Speaking about his role in ‘Valentine’s Day’, he said: “Originally I was supposed to take off my shirt in the movie. The script said we were walking into school and [my character] Willy takes off his shirt. I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. He’s gonna take off his shirt in the middle of school? No, no, no.’ The reason I took off my shirt for ‘New Moon’ is because it’s written in the book that way. And there’s reasons behind it.”

Taylor Lautner Covers GQ’s July 2010 Issue
June 15, 2010, 2:02 pm
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Twilight Saga star Taylor Lautner covers GQ for the July 2010 issue. There is also an interview that covers Taylor’s thoughts on the fandom and fame as well as what it was like for him to have to re-audition for the role for New Moon.

“I’m in the gym, and I’m doing reps, and I’m reading the books, and I’m studying the character. I’m just saying to myself, ‘I want this role. I love this role. I’m not gonna lose it. And I’m gonna know it better than anybody, and I’m gonna do that extra rep, because I’m gonna be Jacob Black.”

May 21, 2010, 3:18 pm
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Taylor Lautner‘s new film ‘Abduction‘ is about a teenager played by Taylor who discovers that the parents who raised him are not his biological parents after all. When he reaches out to his birth parents, the hero finds himself tangled up in a web of deception, danger and espionage as he runs for his life.

According to Deadline, Alfred Molina plays the role of ‘a dogged CIA agent who is one step behind Lautner but determined to bring him in alive.’ Lily Collins will play Taylor’s love interest. Taylor is lso signed on to starring roles in martial-arts thriller ‘Cancun’ and superhero film ‘Stretch Armstrong’.

Taylor Lautner On The Hunt For A New Girl
May 13, 2010, 3:15 pm
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Taylor Lautner is looking for a “loyal” girlfriend.

The teenage heartthrob – who split with his country singer girlfriend Taylor Swift in December after two months of dating due to their busy work schedules – admitted he is on the hunt for a woman who can commit to him.

Describing the attributes he looked for in an ideal girlfriend, he told TV host Oprah Winfrey: “Obviously, loyalty… and what’s really important to me is somebody who can totally let loose and pretty much be themselves and have fun.”

The 18-year-old star – who shot to fame in the ‘Twilight’ vampire franchise – met Taylor Swift on the set of ‘Valentines Day’ last October but reportedly couldn’t commit to her because she lived too far away.

A source said: “They became good friends and then went out a few times, but he lives in Los Angeles and she lives in Nashville and their busy schedules kept it from becoming more than it was.”

Expect To See Less Taylor Lautner On The Big Screen
February 27, 2010, 10:16 pm
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Bad news for Taylor Lautner fans. The actor best known for his role in the Twilight series has been trying to break into different roles during his off time from the saga, but it seems fans that were hoping to get a lot of the teen star will have to take a rain check and settle for a much smaller dose. 

Vulture is reporting that  Taylor has dropped out of Mattel’s Max Steel so that he can concentrate on Hasbro’s Stretch Armstrong instead.

He had originally been signed to do both projects, but according to the site, “in the weeks after signing on to play ‘Steel,’ Lautner became increasingly convinced that Hasbro was playing its hand better than Mattel. Thanks to WME, Hasbro was moving with far greater speed through Hollywood’s development maze than Mattel, not only setting up projects, but quickly moving them forward.”