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Tonight: The Grammys!

grammysTonight the Grammy’s will air live from Los Angeles on CBS. The likes of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, and more will all be performing tonight so make sure to tune in and support your favorite artists. We will be at the Grammys tonight, some of us going to the Pre-Show Red Carpet with the rest of our group being Seatfillers for the actual show. To get in the spirit, Lil Wayne gives the Top 10: Grammys for the Tonight Show.

A Night With Metro Station


Wends night we all went to The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles to see Metro Station perform. We were able to be standing next to Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, We The Kings, Billy Ray Cyrus/Tish Cyrus, and Paris’s New BFF Brittany F. during the show.

Our friends who attend many of the concerts and special events with us have started their own website called ‘Once Upon A Reality’ and so the concert review and sighting pictures (complete with video of us giving our number to Mitchell Musso) will be on their website. Please visit them, as today marks their first day as a website and they will actually post the Sightings the day that it happens unlike here. Sorry about that…

So If you would like some concert videos and great stories with meet and greet pictures, check them out HERE


Paris Hilton, Hanna Beth Get Their Drink On


Paris Hilton, Hanna Beth, and Paris’s New BFF survivor, Brittany Flickinger arrived at the swanky Apple nightclub for a night of celebration with dancing and drinks. How long until people catch on that Hanna Beth is only nineteen years old, and therefore, cannot legally drink yet? The question may be, do they care?

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While Many Dressed Up For The AMA’s…


Newly single, Paris Hilton and fellow single BFF for the moment, Hanna Beth made their way to the Viper Room last night in Los Angeles while Paris played host for the Pussy Cat Dolls. There’s a lot I could say about their outfits, and post-breakup behaviour, but I’ll leave it at it was ILLEGAL for Hanna Beth to be there, for she is only 19 for their 21+ law policy due to the alcohol content at Viper Room. Fake I.D., or does the Viper Room make exceptions to the California State Law? Just sayin…

True Love Exists!


While today marks Jessica Simpson’s Divorce with Nick Lachey along with Britney Spears and Kevin Federline as well, Nicole Richie and babydaddy Joel Madden look very much affectionate for eachother as they made their way around the San Fernando Valley yesterday. It seems like the longer they are a couple, the cuter they look together. I hope Paris doesn’t mind as much, forget about Benji, you’re beautiful and deserve only the best!

Photo: Wenn

Paris Continues Dress Week


Paris Hilton looked cute as always as she made her way to little brother, Barron‘s birthday party at Apple Lounge. Held in Los Angeles, Paris who is never one to waste an opportunity, used her little brother’s party to film scenes for her show, “Paris Hilton’s My British BFF”. Does anyone even watch her American BFF show? While I feel bad for Barron that his sister brought a camera crew with her to his big event, who knows, maybe he was able to meet a few extra foreign girls. Perhaps!


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Paris Hilton: Sex & Money


The always facinating, Paris Hilton talked to News of the World on Sex, Money, and kissing girls. Here’s what she had to say:

On relationships:
“Every other guy I’ve been out with has used me for money or sex – but in most cases they just want fame. It made it hard to trust people.”

On Rick Salomon:
“I loved this guy for three years but he betrayed me. Rick’s a scumbag and I hate him. It was just the most horrible thing that’s ever happened to me. So humiliating and embarrassing. But at the end of the day, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

On her future with Benji Madden:
“I’m so relieved I don’t have to think about that now because I’ve found someone who loves me for me. Benji’s my best friend and I know he’d never hurt me. I’d love to start a family in the next year. And I want to get married before we have kids—I want three or four.”

On the Prince William rumors:
“I was sitting at my table, looked up and there was the Prince. I couldn’t believe it. People made out that he was flirting but he’s an absolute gentleman and wouldn’t do that. He just came over to introduce himself. He knew about my show and why I was in London so we talked about that for a while. He’s just a really sweet down-to-earth guy. So is Harry.”

On clubbing with Katie “Jordan” Price:
“I consider Jordan as one of my friends. A lot of people say mean things about her but there’s a lot of jealousy out there. She warned me about the hangers-on but she was like my own private bodyguard and told all of them, ‘Leave her alone!’ She was really protective. I think she’s really smart and beautiful—but we only kissed on the cheek, nothing more than that because I have a boyfriend!”