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Jonas Brothers Live In Concert Date Change
July 2, 2010, 1:35 pm
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The Jonas Brothers tour will now kick off two weeks later in August and includes second shows in several North American cities including Holmdel, NJ, Jones Beach, NY, Boston, MA and Toronto, ON. Some previously announced North American Live In Concert tour shows are no longer on the 2010 routing. This news comes after the Jonas Brothers have had issues selling tickets to their shows, and even rid the Ticketmaster fee’s for buyers to motivate higher sales, of which didn’t improve much.

The full Jonas Brothers tour production configuration and staging featuring 6 columns of moving video screens creating a massive 40′ x 24′ HD video wall, three catwalks up to 40′ feet long as well as other thrilling special effects will be taken to both Latin America and Europe resulting in an even more exciting concert experience to Jonas Brothers fans around the world.

Have The Jonas Brothers Been Eclipsed by Justin Bieber?
June 18, 2010, 6:06 pm
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According to The Daily Beast, The Jonas Brothers are no longer what girls desire, which does not bode well for season 2 of their Disney show.

Just two years ago, the Jonas Brothers were being compared to the Beatles. They had a platinum album. They were clean-cut and well-scrubbed, but they were also respected for their catchy pop music that drove young girls to shrieking sessions. In the past year, they’ve struck out with album sales, and starred in both a ratings-challenged TV show and a failed 3-D concert movie.

Disney’s focus-group research, exclusively obtained by The Daily Beast, might explain why: According to the interviews, the Jonas Brothers are fast losing the very fanbase that propelled them to the heights of stardom. These studies show that the same young girls that just a few years ago couldn’t get enough of the rosy cheeks and luscious locks of Kevin, Joe, and Nick, are growing up and leaving their crushes behind.

Disney seems to have foreseen the shift reported in its market research, and has drastically revamped the Jonas Brothers’ Disney Channel show, the second season of which premieres Sunday. Now titled Jonas L.A., as opposed to just Jonas, the show, which stumbled in the ratings its first outing, has been made to resemble a saccharine version of Entourage. According to a source who has seen episodes of the show, the JoBros have sushi parties. They go golfing. And of course, there is romance—though nothing gets too racy, considering that the Disney Channel allows only one kiss per season.

From the start, however, the Jonases posed a unique challenge, seeing as they were already a popular music group when Disney brought them into the family back in 2006. Thus there was always the threat of overexposure, something that was never a fear with an unknown like, say, Lovato. The privileged, and very sexy, reality of the Jonases’ actual lives also made them hard to sell as ordinary kids who just happened to—surprise!—have hidden talents, the conceit behind most of the Disney teeny-bopper narratives, from Cyrus’ Hannah Montana to Duff’s Lizzie McGuire.

This may have been why the first season of Jonas, in which the brothers played high-school kids, didn’t take off the way Disney hoped. As one executive at a rival network said, “The concept was disingenuous, and kids sniff out inauthenticity. It’s hard to make the Jonas Brothers regular kids when they’re already superstars. I think that’s what probably alienated their fanbase.”

But even if Jonas L.A. fixes this problem—living the high life in Los Angeles is much more in vein with how the Jonases live off-camera—there’s no doubt that the trio is at a crossroads. Having entered their twenties (with the exception of Nick, who’s 17), it’s getting harder to deny their maturation, from Kevin’s marriage to Nick’s recent solo album (another disappointment).

“Justin Bieber is definitely the next new thing and is overshadowing the Jonas Brothers. But Bieber doesn’t have the marketing power of Disney behind him, which can’t be discounted.”

But as the market research indicates, it won’t be easy to reverse the tide. Disney is committed to trying, though. “They’re doing everything to hold on to the brand,” said a source familiar with their thinking “Or, at least, trying to milk every last drop out of them before they’re dead.

Jonas Brothers World Tour Camp Rock 2 Tour Not Selling Well

It seems as though not only did the last Jonas Brothers album do poorly, but their concert ticket sales for their upcoming world tour are not selling well either. Could it be that the Jonas Brothers craze is finally settling down?

The last album the brothers put out, ‘Lines, Vines, and Trying Times’ was released to poor reviews and even worse sales, bringing in less than a quarter million album sales the first week.  Youngest brother, Nick Jonas, brought in even worse sales for his solo album, with 80,000 purchases. After their 3D movie fail, and two unsuccessful albums, it was inevitable and no surprise that their tour sales would go down as well.

After playing free shows for any fans that would show up in major cities, the Jonas took on a new world tour in promotion for their upcoming Disney film, Camp Rock 2. Sharing the stage with their co-star, Demi Lovato, the world tour sounded promising, but quickly proved otherwise.

Within three weeks of tickets being on sale, all of their concert tickets stopped selling the seats with service fees, a move the Jonas said, to help all of their fans afford the show. With thousands of open seats still available despite the change and lower price, tickets are still open, and not bought.

No word on what will happen if a majority of tickets are still un-sold at the time of the performance, but one thing is for sure, the Jonas Brothers are no longer at the height of their careers.

Jonas Brothers ‘Had This Long List Of Things They Wouldn’t Say’
June 15, 2010, 1:21 pm
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Trevor Boris, who writes the MuchMusic Video Awards script every year, chatted with Toronto Sun about Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

‘I feel like Miley is going to be a little more open, that she’s trying to be a bit more grown-up and edgy these days. Last year, with the Jonas Brothers hosting, there were all these weird rules. Like, they wouldn’t say the word panties.’

And I can’t even remember why we were trying to say panties. But they had this long list of things they wouldn’t say. It is funny some of the things you run into when the artists. Maybe we can get Miley to say panties. So if you hear Miley say panties, you know, ‘A-ha, the writers have succeeded.’

Sometimes the magical stuff is the stuff that comes together fast. For example, last year at the very last minute, the Jonas Brothers said, ‘Yes, we’re totally up for a skit.’ It was 4 o’clock the day of the show. So we’re scrambling, but we come up with a great idea, we film it in like 20 minutes, literally just before they were going to do the red carpet.

In the end we didn’t get it cut in time and it didn’t make the show, although it did make MuchOnDemand, and we do a behind-the-scenes special and it made that, too.’

Justin Bieber “I could beat all 3 Jonas in a fight”
June 8, 2010, 4:23 pm
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Justin Bieber admitted that he could take on all three of the Jonas Brothers in a fight if he wanted to, because he’s a beast!

Justin laughed: ‘Oh, I could take all three Jonas Brothers. I’m a beast! Supposedly there’s a war between my fans and Jonas Brothers fans, but basically we’re all friends. I love you all, but why do you guys have to fight?’

Nick Jonas, ‘With The Tough Economy My Brothers And I Wanted To Do Something..’
June 1, 2010, 1:02 pm
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 Live Nation is eliminating service fees for reserved and lawn seats purchased in June for shows at its 50 amphitheaters. Live Nation CEO said: ‘This is every show in every amphitheater. Basically, our entire summer inventory.’ About 60% of fans said dropped fees were the deciding factor in purchasing.

Jonas Brothers are offering fee-free tickets to their tour and promoting with a fanclub show Wednesday in Washington. Nick said: ‘With the tough economy, my brothers and I wanted to do something. We have a close relationship with our fans, and this is one way to help them out.

Growing up our family financial situation wasn’t that great, and we’d have to refrain from going to concerts.’ Kevin Jonas Sr., added: ‘I’ll speak as a dad. It can be difficult to buy one ticket, much less three or four. When you eliminate any fees, it makes it much more possible.’

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas Break UP

Demi Lovato admitted that in fact, she and boyfriend Joe Jonas have SPLIT.

The seventeen-year-old Tweeted, “There are so many crazy rumors flying around today. I’d like to clear a few things up. First, Joe and I did split but it wasn’t over the phone. Things didn’t work out but we’ll remain friends. Secondly, I am NOT dating anybody already. Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans.. Just thought you guys should know this.”