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Leighton Meester Would Go Bald
July 16, 2010, 2:50 pm
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As it turns out, Blair Waldorf and Leighton Meester probably wouldn’t be BFFs in real life.While the Gossip Girl actress’s character is known for her designer wardrobe and flawless beauty, in real life, Meester couldn’t care less about keeping up with the trends or taming her tresses.

“I’m not super OCD when it comes to every little flyaway,” Meester told PEOPLE. “I like being a little undone.”

And while the 24-year-old star recently became global spokeswoman for hair care brand Herbal Essences, she wouldn’t hesitate to chop off her signature long locks if for the right role. “I know it’s just hair and I can change it however I want. I haven’t shaved my head or anything like that. But, you know if I needed to! It’s part of my job to change my hair.”

For Meester, embracing change is part of her routine, admitting to “playing a part” when she’s on a red carpet. And she turns to her dream team, including makeup artist Chris Colbeck and hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan, to help create her image. “It’s all about individuality and making a big statement. I leave it to the pros, they’re artists. I’ll be like, ‘just do your thing.’”

Selena Gomez Almost Done Filming Monte Carlo
June 28, 2010, 5:51 pm
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It seems like Selena Gomez just began filming her new movie, “Monte Carlo” along with co-stars Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester, but according to a new Facebook message from the Disney star, the movie is only filming for two more weeks! Selena wrote:

“Morning Everybody– We had a 4:30am call time this morning. Monte Carlo is almost finished less than two weeks and I will be on my way back to America it has been a long time I have been gone since the end of March.

Monte Carlo is great we had a couple of days off so we got to do a little bit of relaxing. I just wanted to check in and say Hi.”

Monte Carlo will premiere in theaters February 11, 2011.

Leighton Meester Becomes Herbal Essences Spokesperson
April 19, 2010, 3:13 pm
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Herbal Essences has named Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester as its new global hair ambassador.

In her new role with Herbal Essences, the actress who recently split from her boyfriend of two years,  will be featured in print advertorials in national magazines starting this summer.

“We are thrilled that someone as vibrant and talented as Leighton has joined Herbal Essences. Leighton epitomizes the Herbal Essences Girl — a modern free spirit: daring, witty and who loves to explore her style opportunities and make the most of her look every day. We are extremely excited about sharing the luscious experience of the Herbal Essence collection through Leighton to women,” stated Julie Marchant-Houle, marketing director for Herbal Essences.

“I’m so happy to be working with Herbal Essences,” added Leighton, a multi-talented artist who has found fame for her range as an actress and for her appearances on the Red Carpet and at industry events. “It’s important for me that I partnered with a brand that I do use every day and I trust and I love. My hairstylist, Charles Baker Strahan, who is also the hairstylist for Herbal Essences, introduced me to the collection, and the products are truly incredible and make a real difference to the condition of my hair. I use it personally and I want to spread the word about it. Herbal Essences takes great care of my hair.”

Happy Birthday Leighton Meester!
April 9, 2010, 4:09 pm
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Today (3.9) is Gossip Girl Leighton Meester’s Birthday. Happy B-day!

Leighton Meester To Pick Oranges
March 21, 2010, 7:45 am
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“Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester will reunite with [H]ouse star Hugh Laurie in the upcoming indie dramatic comedy ‘The Oranges,’ according to Variety.

The film centers on a man’s romantic relationship with the daughter of a family friend, which will end up turning their lives upside down. The film, which Julian Farino will direct, is expected to start shooting in New York City in April

You can next see Meester in Warner’s ‘Date Night’ and the upcoming Screen Gems thriller ‘The Roommate’.

Leighton Meester “Marriage Isn’t For Me”
March 9, 2010, 9:51 pm
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Leighton Meester had ruled out marriage in her future plans, which so far include an indie movie with House‘s Hugh Laurie and dating Sebastian Stan, who plays Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl and is more on the Serena (Blake Lively) side of things.

“If it was important to somebody I loved, maybe I’d think about it,” she says, “but I don’t think that I’m the type. It’s not for me. I believe in love, children and being a good person. I wouldn’t mind living together but eventually I’ll have to get a separate house for my shoes!”

She moreover refutes rumors of an engagement between him and Stan, 26. The two met on the set of the CW series in 2007.

Leighton Meester Takes Advice To Heart
January 8, 2010, 6:08 pm
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Leighton Meester is hoping to become recognized as more than an actress– having been a part of Cobra Starship’s hit song “Good Girls Go Bad” and her own single “Somebody To Love” currently on the radio. Aiming for a duel career as a singer, she has welcomed a musical mentor.

“Recently I’ve spent a lot of time with Cyndi Lauper, and she’s a legend,” says Meester. “She gave me the advice: Never sell your publishing, so I’ll take that.” 

The thrill of the stage has Meester – who’s worked with Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke and Adam Lambert– hooked. 

“I get more excited than nervous, and I feel like that’s the best kind of energy to have,” the TV actress, 23, told PEOPLE . The performance, she says, is “cute, sexy … I’m just having the time of my life, and I hope it continues.”