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Lunch Time Chats With Katelyn Tarver

We were lucky enough to have lunch with the wonderful and beautiful Miss Katelyn Tarver to ask her a little bit about her music and what projects she has coming up. She is an absolute sweet heart and has incredible talent (much more so than Youtube’s color change on us). Check Katelyn out on her Myspace HERE and take a listen, she has a great sound which will take her far very soon.

Tarv & Tiff Go To NYC
May 3, 2009, 3:36 pm
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Katelyn Tarver uploaded a new video of her adventures with BFF Tiffany Thornton in NYC for promotion of Hatching Pete. Looks like fun!

A New Section Coming To SocialB
April 9, 2009, 9:34 am
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On Tuesday, we started working on a new section we’re going to add to the site. Starting on Monday we will have a once a week interview posted with an upcoming young Hollywood act. So far we have 11 confirmed interviews, with three already completed and if you read SocialB enough they should all be familiar faces that hopefully we can further introduce the musical/acting side to them outside of just their latest Youtube video.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to share some quality time with the talented singer/songwritter/actress Katelyn Tarver and was later joined by Tiffany Thornton who is an absolute sweetheart. I was going to wait to post information on Katelyn until the interview was posted, but our vodpod decided to post the shoutout portion early, and Tiffany mentions interviews in her shoutout and I realized, why wait?  : ) They’re both amazing young ladies and I strongly suggest giving Katelyn’s music a listen HERE, as she is a talent that shouldn’t go un-noticed.