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Gossip Girl To Bring New Spins On Show
May 10, 2010, 3:39 pm
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I guess it’s “really, really, good” isn’t much of a spoiler. But it’s accurate.

The May 17 Gossip Girl sendoff features big payoffs, several OMG! twists, and a Georgina comeback. Enough, if you ask me, to more than make up for an uneven season. Most importantly, Chuck/Blair fans freaking out over a certain spoiler-laced European trailer that shows the couple nearing third base should simmer down and judge things after watching the entire hour — a sentiment echoed by exec producer Stephanie Savage.
“I really encourage people who have seen that promo to tune in and watch the whole episode in context,” she pleads. “Those were a few moments that were taken out of context to create the most salacious experience possible. And some people who are having a negative reaction to what they’re seeing I think will have a different reaction when they see it in context. Everyone’s making decisions that are reasonable based on the information that they have.”

In other words, Savage and Co. wouldn’t do you, or your faves, wrong. “This is a story that has been three years in the telling — going back to the pilot,” she reminds us. “And that’s a story that we’ll keep telling in season 4. So I don’t think it’s coming out of nowhere. And it lands on everybody. It lands on Dan, Blair, Serena, Rufus, Lily, Nate — every single person has a POV about this, and we’re going to see these ripple effects over time. “

Next Monday’s capper will include a departure, mini time-jump, engagement ring, shooting, birth, and
a pair of spectacular Jenny smackdowns at the hands of Blair.

Gossip Girl set to become uncomfortable?
April 27, 2010, 4:16 am
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Two real-life Gossip Girl couples have officially bitten the dust.

Leighton Meester, aka Blair Waldorf, and her two year boyfriend, Sebastian Stan reportedly called it quits. OK! is saying Leighton pulled the plug because she “doesn’t really like” relationships.

Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass, and Jessica Szohr also reportedly broke up recently. NY Post is saying he ended the relationship with her over the phone after finding out she cheated on him for over half of the relationship with other men, including with his close friends.

With breakups flaming on the Gossip Girl set, things sure will be awkward on set next season!

What’s Next For Jenny and Nate on Gossip Girl?
April 6, 2010, 4:40 pm
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Last night’s Gossip Girl, “Inglorious Bassterds,” gave us a glimpse of the bond between Jenny and Nate, and the lengths she’s willing to go to get what she wants.. What’s next for them?

According to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the executive producers who yesterday sought to assuage fears about Chair, there may be feelings that are more than platonic:

“I think one of them may feel that way,” Josh said.

Well, yeah. Gotta be Jenny, right? Stephanie then chimed in with this little tidbit: “We do have a really fun story coming up in this last run of episodes moving toward the season finale.”

Fun for who, though? Doesn’t sound like Serena!

Both these girls have eyes for Nate … but who will win out?

As for another couple some fans have predicted will get together at some point – Vanessa and Rufus – don’t expect that to happen. Even Gossip Girl won’t go there, apparently.

“We understand there are all kinds of couple fans, Nate-Serena fans, Dan-Serena fans, and even Vanessa-Rufus fans,” Schwartz said. but we want everybody to know that they are talked about in the writer’s room all the time, except for the Vanessa-Rufus fans.”

“They’re the only ones who we can tell you are barking up the wrong tree.”

Gossip Girl Is Back On Monday Nights
March 3, 2010, 4:25 pm
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The all new season of the CW hit, Gossip Girl returns to cable TV this Monday, March 8th. After a three month hiatus, the show is back and bigger than ever. If you can’t wait until Monday, you can feast your eyes on the preview clip below!

Gossip Girl Going On A Multiple Month Break
December 11, 2009, 7:13 am
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Fans of “Gossip Girl” will be well annoyed with the network CW due to their decision to shut down for six consecutive weeks, the 3rd season of “Gossip Girl” from January.

After a short stop for the holiday season, will show an episode of “Gossip Girl” on January 11 and then the series will be unavailable until March 8. After his return there will be no more stops and the series must have its season finale aired on 17 or May 24. 

According to the BBC, this change is only a strategy to show “Gossip Girl,” without repetition.

So Who Exactly Is Gossip Girl?
May 21, 2009, 2:44 pm
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gossip girl

* Contains Spoilers

If you’re a fan of the show, and haven’t quite figured out who Gossip Girl is yet, we have a special treat for you. According to a source of ours, Gossip Girl is no other than Georgina Sparks. While we have assumed this for awhile, we were expecting the show’s writters to somehow throw a curve ball and make it someone unexpected, but apparently Georgina is the unexpected. If having sources tied close with show production doesn’t convince you, these reminders may. When the character Eric was about to come out of the closet, Gossip Girl was the only one sent a text message with the evidence, and at dinner Georgina mentioned Eric being gay assuming others had already found out. Georgina also was close to all of the other students to which she wrote about, and had time to write about everyone since she was ‘away at boarding school’. Furthermore, they are able to keep her character alive and ‘in the know’ as Georgina will try to be roomates with Blair in the Fall, allowing her to keep in the gossip. Have you figured out any other dead give aways that GG is none other than Georgina?

Blake Lively Feels Like A Tranny
April 13, 2009, 7:42 am
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Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively is one of the most beautiful television actresses, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have insecurities like the rest of us. Blake confesses to Allure Magazine, on newsstands April 21st that her height and hair often makes her feel less lady like.

“I feel like a tranny a lot of the time,” she said. “I don’t know, I’m … large? They put me in six-inch heels, and I tower over every man. I’ve got this long hair and lots of clothes and makeup on. I just feel really big a lot of the time, and I’m surrounded by a lot of tiny people. I feel like a man sometimes.”

Outside of being insecure in her work clothes, she often feels the need to censor her actions to not be classified as just another ‘Hollywood Starlet’

“I’m blonde, and I have a small dog, so I try to avoid looking like a piece of bubble gum,” she told Allure.