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Fan Affair: Jonas Palladium & HOB Show


Lucky reader Tish was able to attend the Jonas Brothers Hollywood Palladium concert, as well as their House of Blues and Jimmy Kimmel performance. Here is her story:

We were front row right in the center. i tried to get all three of the boys on video as much as possible, but seeing how it was a general admission concert, and everyone was pushing and crammed together it was hard to move my arms haha. but i got as much as i could. after the show i met chelsea staub and sterling knight (he plays luke in hannah montana lilys ex and hes going to be in 17 again and sonny with a chance) I also attended the jay leno taping that the jonas brothers were on and got to meet them afterwards! there was about 15 of us out there and the boys were nice enough to stop and get out on their way out of the parking lot. i only got a picture with kevin and nick, but i talked to joe and thanked him for everything. joe kinda seemed shy, but nice none the less. i told kevin about how i was at the house of blues show and then came straight to leno and hadnt slept and how we were going straight to the book signing from there then straight to jimmy kimmel, and he gave me a hug and said thank you so much, he is amazing. i didnt get a chance to talk to nick other than hi thank you so much. but all the boys were so nice, and sooo much cuter in person 🙂 i also was at the free house of blues show and got some videos from that, we were about fourth row but scooted our way to the front by the middle of the show, my phone died right before jesse mccartney came out :/ i noticed that throughout alot of the concert nick kept looking up at the right corner of the balcony, i didnt get why till i looked up and saw selena, throughtout the entire concert he kept looking up there at her, it was super cute. and they played please be mine which was the most amazing expirience of my life! and it all happened cause me and the girls i was with started the please be mine chant and told everyone in line to do it with us 🙂 that show was absolutley amazing.
Thanks Tish! Below are videos from the concerts she attended, as well as her meet and greets with the Jonas and other Disney stars.
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