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Tiffany Thornton Celebrates Birthday On Sonny Set
February 13, 2010, 4:50 am
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Sonny With A Chance actress Tiffany Thornton was treated to a surprise happy birthday celebration on set Friday (2.13) two days before her real birthday on Sunday (2.14). The cast and crew celebrated with cake before having the weekend off. Happy early birthday, girl!

Tiffany Thornton Is A Macy’s Parade Performer


Sonny With A Chance’s Tiffany Thornton and best friend Alisha Bowker celebrate Thanksgiving (and Alisha’s birthday) in New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Taking special part in this year’s festivities, Tiffany performed with Kermit the Frog as the last song on the holiday special, and their duet, “I Believe In Santa Claus” will be available for download December 4th via iTunes.


Tiffany Thornton Performs Her First Concert
November 22, 2009, 1:15 pm
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Tiffany Thornton recently performed her first live headlining concert in part of the Happy Holidays celebration.

Tiffany Thornton “Someday My Prince Will Come”

Sonny With A Chance’s Tiffany Thornton debuted her first music video for Snow White’s “Someday My Prince Will Come” off of the upcoming rerelease of the movie on BlueRay. Only her first step, Tiffany is currently working on her debut album which will hopefully come out next year.

Do you like seeing her as a musician outside of acting?

Tiffany & Savannah Sing About Tinker Bell


Tiffany Thornton, Savannah Outen, Jordin Sparks, Jordan Pruitt and Alyson Stoner all have new songs on the Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure soundtrack, out September 22. You can preview Tiffany’s first solo debut as well as the rest of the songs by clicking HERE. We like it, what do you think?

Fan Discribes What It Was Like To Sing Background For Tiffany Thornton
August 4, 2009, 10:00 am
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There’s a really cute story online on how a music teacher was able to sing background vocals for Tiffany Thornton’s song, ‘Picture Perfect’ off of her upcoming debut album. Enjoy the story!

Not too many teachers could top a Columbus Academy teacher’s summer vacation story.

Music teacher Amy Garver Solis traveled to California to compose and record a song with Eddie Galan, a four-time number one hit Billboard songwriter.

Garver Solis teaches music to first through fourth graders at Columbus Academy.

“I picked Eddie Galan as our composer of the month at the beginning of the school year last year because he’d written a song for the Cliche Girls, who are Disney group, that was used as part of the soundtrack for the summer Olympics,” she said.”

I had done a Google search for Olympic composers, and his name came up.”

Garver Solis’ then spent more time on the computer — blogging about the composer being Composer of the Month on the Columbus Academy school Web site in her class blog.

Galan found the blog when he spent some time on his own computer, Googling his own name.

“I had written about the fact he wrote so many songs for so many different young artists and how much my students enjoyed the songs and melodies he created,” she said.

“He wrote a comment on my page, saying how honored he was to be the kids’ composer of the month, but I thought it was a joke being played by one of my fourth graders.”

Garver Solis got on Galan’s Web page and sent him a message to ask if he had left her a message.

“When I found out he did leave the message, he offered to answer student questions, so my kids asked him a bunch of questions, then sent him thank-you cards and his favorite chocolate bars,” she said.

“One of my second graders then asked me if I would ever write a song with Mr. Galan.”

She approached Galan about assisting her in writing a song for the students and Galan suggested she come out to California to work on the song in his studio.

Garver Solis traveled to California June 16 after marrying Steven Solis, combining the trip with their honeymoon, . The two went on to Hawaii from California.

While working on the song, a duet by Garver Solis and Galan, called Put Yourself in Their Shoes, Garver Solis met Tiffany Thornton, who stars on the Disney Channel’s Sonny With a Chance.

“Tiffany was working on her first album with Mr. Galan, and as I watched them work, he asked me if I wanted to sing background vocals on the song Picture Perfect,” Garver Solis said. “It was an awesome experience and Tiffany was extremely kind. She didn’t act like a star at all; she was such a sweetheart.”

Stars Head Out To Summer At Sea With Disney!




Enjoying a Summer At Sea with Disney, stars such as Mitchel Musso, Jason Earls, Brandon Smith, Cody Linely among others all went on the Disney Cruises with fans and enjoyed meet and greets while on the trip. Looks like fun!