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Baby B Does Vegas Right
April 5, 2009, 11:28 am
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Just Jared found pictures of Disney actress, Brenda Song celebrating her 21st birthday. Complete with a new tattoo, alcohol, and a club full of strangers in Vegas, Brenda knew how to do the big 2-1 right! Happy Birthday!

Brenda Song, ‘It’s Just A Rumor’
January 9, 2009, 8:54 am
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Rumors had been spreading like wildfire recently as to if either Brends Song or Vanessa Hudgens would be playing the role of Leah in the movie, New Moon. While both leading ladies are talented actresses, Brenda responded by stating that it was an honor to have individuals consider her to do well playing the native, she puts the rumor to rest saying she was not offered the role, and the rumor was, just that- a rumor.

Brenda Song talked with M Magazine saying: “I’m so honored to be a part of this rumor! I love the Twilight series and would love to be a part of the movie, but sadly this is just a rumor.”

Inside Selena Gomez Sweet 16


While Selena Gomez birthday was a little while back, cute pictures surfaced of her birthday party, and so better late than never. Besides the other Disney faces that filled the room, a gorgeous cake, green room, photographer and more made her evening everything a 16 year old could wish for Selena has a beautiful Birthday cake, and seems to really enjoy the color purple. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift CUT From Jonas Brothers Past
November 7, 2008, 12:06 am
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Seems like Taylor Swift publically stating that Joe Jonas broke up with her for another girl (Brenda Song) isn’t going to well with the good Christian Jonas Brothers image. While not confirmed, I have recieved multiple e-mails from readers stating that the Jonas Brothers are planning on cutting out Taylor Swift’s role in the Jonas Brothers:Burning Up 3D Movie, out in theatres next year.

I personally don’t find it that hard to believe, given that she only performed at three of the Burning Up dates however on the emotional side for Taylor I’m sure it’s very hurtful. Having to hide who you are dating, watching him fade away and in a 27 second phone call having him state he’s leaving you for another, and then have the past you had together publically and not, edited out as if it never happened. You’re strong Taylor, get over him. Just be careful not to hurt anyone else on the way!

Selena, We Don’t Believe You!


Dear Selena Gomez,

Youre talented, beautiful, and humble young lady and we love you for it-but stop lying and pretending everything is ok! Selena Gomez has a video telling everyone to go out and buy Taylor Swift’s new c.d. Fearless, yeah the one that has songs about Joe Jonas leaving her because SELENA GOMEZ hooked him up with Brenda Song while he was still with Taylor. Shady!

I personally think Taylor posted the video to remind Selena of the past the two ladies had together before things went bad, but we’re all intitled to our own opinions. Selena and Miley are in a fight, it’s ok-they’re teenage girls and things happen, but denial makes things worse. You denied Nick and Yourself dating, you denied Miley and yourself fighting, and now you deny that nothing is wrong between yourself and taylor. Either refuse to comment or tell the truth, but don’t lie. You’re America’s sweetheart, but america’s sweetheart can’t being America’s liar.

You can watch the video HERE

Even More Jonda Dating News!

Even More Jonda couple news is surfacing! It seems like everything is all coming together so quicky! Here are some exerpts from the Respected National Ledger Report on the two Disney Stars:

Pictures of the two holding hands are available on Teen Scoop and several other sites here are pics of them holding hands at the Disney Land Horror ride. They reportedly went with Big Rob (Joe’s bodyguard) and The Cheetah Girls.

The first sighting which lead to a suspicion of the two dating was when Joe and his brothers went to a Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs basketball game with Brenda and Selena, as what many thought was a double date. Brenda and Joe and Selena and Nick sat near eachother. Selena and Brenda are known to be very close they went to Pinkberry in Studio City earlier that month and rumors surfaced that Selena introduced Brenda to Joe.

The complete article is HERE to read. I bet people will be asking Nick Jonas about this in 10 hours when he does press for The Walk For A Cure. Let’s see! Jonas Brothers, why do you juggle so many lady friends in your life? Enjoy while you’re young, but enjoy in moderation!

More News On Joe Jonas & Brenda Song Being OFFICIAL Couple
November 1, 2008, 7:20 am
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Kate wrote this on IMDB of a timeline of the JONDA relationship that is just now surfacing. It has a link to multiple other sites that have information on their dating. It includes a recent basketball game date between the two young Disney stars. I would post everything on here, but it is better in complete form as found on IMDB. Check out the NEW details of this new relationship HERE.