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What Selena Gomez Wants In A Boy
June 8, 2010, 3:52 pm
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Selena Gomez dished on what she used to desire in a relationship, but what she has found she wants after experience.

Stating, “‘I used to say that I wanted to date someone cute and nice, an actor, too, so he’d get it. But now I think it would be good for me to date someone who’s not in the business. I want someone honest, someone who’s very sweet to my family and friends.”

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She so wants me….it’s crazy. OKAY, fine Gomez, we’ll go on a date.
lol 😛

Comment by Kyle Webs


Comment by Anonymous

hey selena i love you

Comment by boldoo

selena i realy ur bigfest fan
in my cell phone only ur images r there but i also very much like ur BF i mean justin biber

Comment by tanu

hi selena gomez I love your music so must have you be in love and you never tell that person i do feel that way what do selena.

Comment by cl

seni çok seviyorum sena senin posterlerin odamda

Comment by duygu

gomez seni seviyorum

Comment by duygu

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Comment by dickspitz

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Comment by dickspitz

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Comment by dickspitz

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Comment by dickspitz

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