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Listen To The Maine’s Latest Album, Black & White
July 2, 2010, 2:33 pm
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The Maine’s sophomore album, Black & White has clips of all the songs available to listen here.

Changing their sound, including lead singer’s voice channeling a deeper raspy sound, The Maine aims to expand their target audience and radio airplay now that they have signed with Warner Brothers records along with fellow band This Century.

This Century Promotes 16?
January 13, 2010, 4:50 pm
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This Century has had a lot of great news displayed on their music Myspace lately. 

First they gave away free Christmas songs, then they premiered news that they signed to Action Theory Records, followed by news of performing at Bamboozle. Therefore it’s no surprise when they say “get excited” it’s anything short of fantastic news.

Something to get excited about is the Tempe, Arizona natives have been promoting a mystery ’16’ all over their Myspace. The official word as to what it stands for will be revealed during their live chat on Stickam Saturday evening and leading up to the announcement, the band has promoted the mystery in their images with their default picture, as well as almost 100 other ’16’ images in a separate gallery. 

To find out more, tune in to This Century’s live chat January 16th at 6 pm PST to find out what ’16’ has in store for fans.

This Century “Kiss Me Like It’s Christmas”
December 24, 2009, 3:47 am
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This Century created their own holiday song, “Kiss Me Like It’s Christmas.”

The Arizona natives have been keeping busy this season, playing hometown shows with The Maine as well as working on their debut album out next year. 

This Century ‘Kiss Me Like It’s Christmas’
November 27, 2009, 2:44 pm
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This Century is already in the holiday spirit, adding a new song to their Myspace, “Kiss Me Like It’s Christmas.” Listen to the song here.

This Century Brings The Party Home
October 20, 2009, 2:47 am
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this century band house party 2

This Century is making their way across the East Coast by playing house shows for fans as a mini tour. Just finishing traveling on Warped Tour this summer the Tempe, Arizona band is expanding beyond just releasing EP’s as they colaborated on a Jac Vanek bracelet for “To Love And Back” and hitting the road with bands such as The Summer Set and The Record Life.

This Century Is Ready For House Calls
September 29, 2009, 2:54 am
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This Century Band

This Century is ready to take house calls as they prepare to perform concerts for their East Coast fans starting next week for anyone who will have them over. If you’re in the New York area and are interested, e-mail their manager here and get ready for a van full of boys to take over your house!

This Century Talks Music
September 23, 2009, 4:00 pm
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This Century Band

This Century answered fan questions on Myspace and a few excerpts are below as responded to by drummer, Ryan Goose.

How did you get your band name?
The band was trying to come up with a name for probably the better part of two weeks. We couldn’t find anything that we all could all agree on so Sean says, “I’ll just be happy if we can find a name this century”. I guess that’s how it came about…now we just spend our time trying to apply meaning to the name.

How did this band get started?
Myself (Ryan) & Sean had been playing together in a previous band that we weren’t happy with so we decided to form our own band. Alex, Sean’s brother, was probably the best bass player that we knew but he was so young that we were reluctant to have him join the band. Long story short we gave in and Alex brought Joel into the band with him. You would never know it but they are actually the same age.

What bands are you influenced by?
Mainly Mozart. He has sweet chops.

If you were a furry, what animal would you be? Why that animal?
I would probably be a bear…people seem to associate me wth one. Sean would be a velociraptor. He has a dinosaur obsession.

Why should people listen to your band?
Because our singer is pretty. Other than that if you like catchy rock music we might be for you!!

If you were chosen to be in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, what song would you want in the game? How hard do you think it would be to five-star on expert?
“Running.” It would make you feel awesome about your gaming skills…until you played a different song on expert.

If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?
My dogs for always being there for me. After that we would mention all of our supporters. Thanks Japan!!

If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?
I would keep the focus on quality. Live shows over myspace plays. Not everyone is like this but I think there are plenty of great artist out there that get over looked by next weeks buzz band.

Memorable tour experience?
Waking up in a field full of Alpaca’s. Creeeepy

What is something that most fans don’t know about you?
Two of us are vegetarian & the other two are sellouts. I won’t say who the sellouts are but Joel & I don’t eat meat.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am a fan of yoga, climbing, eating & doing nothing at all. I’m great at the last one.

What kind of hidden talents do you have?
I have the ability to see chakras. Don’t tell anyone. Oh, Joel can impersonate pretty much anyone right after meeting them. It’s unreal.

If you haven’t listened to this band yet, become a cool kid and listen here!