Social Butterflies

August 26, 2012, 12:54 pm
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Tom Daley may be known for being on camera at the London Olympics, but the athlete is open to being in front of the camera for other reasons as well. The eighteen year old admitted he wouldn’t mind being apart of a 1 Direction music video if they asked.


“I’ve met them all and I’m in contact with most of them,”  Tom told Heat magazine. “They’re all really nice guys. Louis came and watched the final. Liam wanted to but couldn’t get tickets.”


He added: “If they ever need me for a music video, I’ll go in the background and do a bit of clicking. I’m not a singer though. Cheryl will need to teach me to sing and dance.”

It’s doubtful that 1 Direction and Tom Daley fans will have an issue with his dancing skils, so long as there is a music video capturing this greatness.