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Drake Starts Recording Sophomore Album
July 16, 2010, 3:27 pm
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Still fresh on the Billboard charts, Drake is already back in the studio recording his sophomore album. Can’t wait to hear the new music!

The Maine Completes Album PreProduction
March 20, 2010, 2:20 pm
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The Maine have completed the pre-production for their next album. About time! A video teaser from the band can be seen below. Yay for new music coming soon.

Britney Spears To Release New Music Very Soon
March 20, 2010, 7:12 am
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Britney Spears is ready for the world to hear her new sound, which a source says will be “more energetic” than the last album.

“Right after this year’s Grammy Awards, Britney met with all of the producers for her next album to explain the vibe she’s looking to capture. Brit, who is co-writing many of the songs, explained that she’s looking to give the new album a vibe like the song Get Naked from Blackout.”

Our source says that the pop princess, is “not only a hard worker, but an incredible mother,” has recruited many of the same producers from her Blackout album like Bloodshy and Avant, Danger and Corte Ellis. According to the source, this new album “will be like Blackout times 100!”

The currently unnamed album was set to be released this summer, but the project may now be pushed back. Our source says that very soon we’ll be hearing some new Britney on the radio.

The Maine Releases Old-Rare Demo
March 15, 2010, 3:33 pm
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The Maine have released an old-rare demo of “We All Roll Along” from Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. The track can be streamed below. In other news, the band is currently recording their sophomore album which is predicted to come out later this year.

The Maine In Studio
March 4, 2010, 4:49 am
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The Maine who are all currently in California, have been recording their sophomore album in Los Angeles recently. The band put together an update video of their first few experiences in the studio which you can watch below. Are you excited for their new music?

Kelly Clarkson Is Back In The Studio!
January 29, 2010, 5:54 pm
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Kelly Clarkson is back in the studio! During a new interview with Kim Dawson to promote her upcoming UK tour and next studio album, Kelly made sure to take a subtle dig at popular producers that leave people “sound[ing] like everyone else”.

Mentioning her record label as well, who as we all know have been accused of stifling the singers creativity in order to force her to make more commercial music.

“I’m writing and recording new songs,” she said. “I’ve written a ton with a bunch of songwriters I haven’t written with before. It’s turning out differently, like nothing I’ve released before. Some of it is very 80s influenced and some of it is singer/songwriter.”

But one thing she doesn’t want is a big name producer. She admitted: “I don’t like working with people who have worked with everyone.

“Sometimes I get blackmailed into doing so by my label, but I prefer collaboring with people who aren’t on the grid. I don’t want to sound exactly like other people’s records.”

Seems not everyone is fond of Ryan Tedder.

The Veronicas Head Back To The Studio
December 3, 2009, 3:01 pm
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The Veronicas updated their official site with a post on what they’ve been up to lately.

Hey guys..
Lis and I thought we would send a little update with what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks. Things might seem quiet, but the past few weeks we’ve been shacked up making a lot of noise in Brisbane with Jungle George, writing and recording for our third record. We’ve been experimenting with a lot of different sounds for this next record – citing influences from The Subways, The Dead Weather, Mazzy Star, Ladytron and Peaches. We’ve also been doing some writing collaborations as well with Erinn and Matt from Streamer Bendy, and also the amazinng Suzi Quatro (yes that’s right). Also, we’ve been relaxing a fair bit, before we head back to the UK next week for the big Xmas show in London. We’re going to do a video blog while we are in London to say hiii to you cute kids out in Youtube world! (when I say kids.. I don’t actually mean kids.. I even call my older friends kids..ha.) Welllll I’m off to meet up with Jungle and some mates to see a gig! So I’ll speak soon ❤ Keep on loving
❤ Jessssica and Lis