Social Butterflies

August 26, 2012, 12:54 pm
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Tom Daley may be known for being on camera at the London Olympics, but the athlete is open to being in front of the camera for other reasons as well. The eighteen year old admitted he wouldn’t mind being apart of a 1 Direction music video if they asked.


“I’ve met them all and I’m in contact with most of them,”  Tom told Heat magazine. “They’re all really nice guys. Louis came and watched the final. Liam wanted to but couldn’t get tickets.”


He added: “If they ever need me for a music video, I’ll go in the background and do a bit of clicking. I’m not a singer though. Cheryl will need to teach me to sing and dance.”

It’s doubtful that 1 Direction and Tom Daley fans will have an issue with his dancing skils, so long as there is a music video capturing this greatness.

Kanye West’s ‘Lights’ Video Banned From YouTube
February 24, 2011, 3:42 pm
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Kanye West’s recent video “All Of The Lights” has been pulled from youtube.

The video has been deemed a health hazard, particularly to those who suffer from epilepsy. The constant use of flashing imagery in the video may cause people with photosensitive epilepsy to have seizures. A U.K based charity group contacted Youtube and other video channels after they received calls from people who had seizures upon viewing the video. They later posted this message to their website:

“We contacted Kanye West’s agent, YouTube and other online sources of the video to ask that they take it down. The video can no longer be viewed on YouTube and has been replaced by a message saying ‘this video is no longer available.’

We had started to receive calls from people who have had a seizure after watching the video, so we are really pleased it has been taken down. We’re not quite sure yet whether it is YouTube or Kanye West’s representatives who have made this decision, or if it is a permanent move. For now we are delighted that our fears have been listened to and people with photosensitive epilepsy are no longer at risk.”

Britney Spears’ Bhoreographer Dishes On H.I.A.M. Music Video
January 28, 2011, 5:59 pm
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The music video for Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” has been highly anticipated, with much speculation as to how the video will look like. Spears’ choreographer, Brian Friedman, sat down with MTV News, he teased some scintillating details about the video.

“I didn’t necessarily have pressure with this — it was more excitement,” he said of working with the pop diva again. “I haven’t been with Britney in five years on a project, so it was excitement to be back with her. It was excitement to get her dancing really hard again ’cause she’s had a couple of years where she’s been dancing different styles of dance and it hasn’t been me.”

While Friedman danced around any specific details about the clip, he did share that the video will have 10 male dancers. He also told us his favorite part: “I love nudity,” he teased.

“I can tell you that Britney is wearing a couple of hats in this video — not literal hats, but she’s playing roles in this video. That is what I can give you,” he explained. “In every role, she is dancing. She is going to be dancing throughout the whole video. Like I said: Dance is the focal point of this video.”

He also teased a bit about the costumes: “She’s taking fashion risks. Things we’ve never seen her wear before she’s wearing in this video, and I think it’s just very sexy and it’s a little bit playful,” he added. “She’s going to be doing something in this video that we’ve never seen her do. I’m not gonna tell you what that is but she’s going to be sweating and she’s going to be getting bruised and battered.”

Taylor Swift “Mine” Music Video Preview
August 19, 2010, 11:30 am
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Taylor Swift looks gorgeous for her upcoming music video, “Mine.” In the song, Taylor addresses serious relationships and having a future with a significant other. Looks fun!

Megan Fox Cameo For Eminem’s Music Video, “Love The Way You Lie”
August 6, 2010, 1:27 am
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Lost alum Dominic Monaghan plays the volatile beau of newlywed Megan Fox in a cameo for Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie” music video.

Lydia ‘We Clean Up So Well’ Music Video
July 9, 2010, 2:36 pm
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One of the best bands around, Lydia, just released their latest single, “We Clean Up So Well.” The band is currently performing their farewell tour before going separate ways this fall.

Ke$ha Take It Off Music Video Set
July 6, 2010, 3:42 pm
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Ke$ha just finished filming the music video to her latest single, Take It Off. Changing up her look for straightened hair and heels, the singer made the video to be her last single before going on tour with Rihanna and Travis McCoy this summer.

Are you excited for the video to launch her new look?