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Russell Brand & Katy Perry Ban Presents
June 1, 2010, 3:43 pm
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The British comedian Russell Brand and Katy Perry are due to tie the knot in October but aren’t expecting any gifts from their guests because they are fortunate to be able to afford most things they want.

He said: “Given that Katy and I both have good jobs, we don’t want any presents. It would be a massive indulgence.”

As well as forgoing a wedding registry, the ‘Get Him to the Greek’ actor doesn’t want his friends to throw him a bachelor party because he no longer drinks or takes drugs.

He said: “What would be the point? I’m not drinking, don’t do drugs anymore and I only sleep with Katy, so it would be more fun to just sit in an allotment and stare at a bunch of carrots.”

While he doesn’t want some traditional aspects to his wedding, Katy recently revealed her fiance has become obsessed with bridal magazines in a bid to create the perfect day for their nuptials.

She said: “I’m not that obsessed with plans. But if we stop for breakfast, he has to stop and get ‘Bride’ magazine. It gets a little crazy.”

Russell Brand Katy Perry Weeklong Wedding Extravaganza Oct. 2010

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are planning a week of celebrations to commemorate their Indian wedding ceremony this October.

After just three months of dating, last New Year’s Eve the British funnyman proposed to the “California Gurls” singer during a romantic trip to India. Perry has stated the couple is planning a “small” wedding, insisting she doesn’t want the ceremony to turn into a “drunkfest of people.” Nonetheless, the couple is rumored to be planning to return to the country for an extravagant affair that will kick off Oct. 18 and conclude with Perry and Brand tying the knot on Oct. 25.

Katy and Russell are already sending out Save The Date cards to their friends and family, and snoops for England’s News of the World reportedly managed to get their hot little hands on the invite.

The card, which features a picture of Indian henna tattoo, urges guests to “Save The Week for the wedding of Katy and Russell” and reminds attendees that they “will need a passport.”

The invite also states guests “will be contacted soon with more information.”

Katy Perry looking for Big Apple home
April 24, 2010, 11:43 pm
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Katy Perry and Russell Brand have been house-hunting in New York.

The couple – who already have properties in London and Los Angeles – were seen at an open house viewing of a two-bedroom apartment in the Alphabet City area of the East Village yesterday (11.04.10).

According to a source, who was also looking at the property, the couple were “dressed like they hadn’t changed since going out the night before” and the ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ actor broke property-viewing etiquette by asking if he could use the bathroom.

Katy’s friend Rihanna recently revealed the pair – who got engaged while holidaying in India in December – will be returning to the country for their wedding.

Speaking about planning her pal’s pre-wedding party, she said: “She put that on me last week. I have to come up with something cool because she’s getting married in India so I’m like, ‘OK, now what do I do to match that?’ ”

It has also been claimed that Katy is planning to wear a revealing stomach-bearing wedding gown.

A source said recently: “Katy knows her toned torso is her best feature, so she wants to show it off. She’s also more than aware that her wedding photos will be seen the world over, so she knows her look needs to stand out. From the back, she wants to look like a traditional bride, with a very long train, but from the front, she wants a Vegas-style sequined number with exposed skin.”

Rihanna Admits Matt Kemp Relationship & Katy Perry Marriage Details
April 10, 2010, 1:14 am
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After performing her new single “Rockstar 101″ on American Idol last night, superstar singer Rihanna stopped by “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” early Thursday, where she spilled the deets on her much talked about romance with Los Angeles Dodger outfielder Matt Kemp and chatted about planning BFF Katy Perry’s upcoming bachelorette party.

Rihanna Finally Confesses To Romance With Matt Kemp: “Ummm…he’s my boyfriend. It’s new and it’s fun and it’s nothing too serious. I don’t want anything that’s going to take up so much of my energy and time right now in a bad way. I just want to have fun and that’s what it’s about.”

Rihanna On Planning Katy Perry’s Bachelorette Party“She put that on me last week. Now I have to come up with something cool because she’s getting married in India, so I’m like ‘ok, now what do I do to match that for a bachelorette party.’”

‘Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey’ Review
April 2, 2010, 4:12 pm
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Sitting in a village two hours from Kolkata, Lindsay Lohan asks a woman how she felt when her duaghter called from Delhi to tell her she was being abused by child traffickers. “In the beginning you’re bound to get beaten, otherwise how would you learn anything?” she replies.
The craziness of this explanation may have been augmented through translation, but the message is clear enough.
Dismissing this programme as a grab for good publicity from a maligned megastar seems easy but Lohan handles the subject with all the dignity and it deserves. Apart from the extra publicity and contrast Lohan’s involvement demands, the fact that she is a global megastar is largely irrelevant. You don’t have to live in Beverly Hills to be shocked to hear of 11 year-olds being beaten regularly, working for 15 hours a day and earning nothing into the deal.

First Glimpse Of Lindsay Lohan’s India Documentary
January 8, 2010, 4:59 pm
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A first glimpse into Lindsay Lohan’s trip to India in which she gives awareness towards the child trafficking issues the country faces.

Very passionate on the matter, Lindsay spoke to traffickers and provided an inside look into what horrific situations are occurring. The special documentary will air on the BBC.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry Have Relationship Blessed
January 5, 2010, 10:29 pm
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Russell Brand and Katy Perry have had their relationship blessed.

The British comic star decided to have the blessing – which grants the recipients luck and divine happiness – just before midnight on New Year’s Eve as a declaration of his love for the ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer while the pair were holidaying in India.

A source said: “Russell wanted to do something special for Katy to show her how much she means to him.

“They wanted to take part in a traditional ceremony and thought there was no better time than on New Year’s Eve.

“The ceremony is usually used to bless new couples in the hope it might lead them toward marriage.”

Russell, 34, and Katy, 25, both wore traditional Indian outfits for the ceremony – which took place at the foot of a mountain.

Legendary lothario Russell has turned his back on his womanizing ways since meeting Katy, and announced just before he went to India that he was a reformed man.

He said: “Tonight I turned off my famous, hedonistic hot-tub, a monumental event. I did it for climate change. In every sense.”