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Paris Hilton Arrested After Smoking Marijuana In South Africa
July 2, 2010, 5:17 pm
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Paris Hilton was arrested in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on Friday afternoon and charged with possession of marijuana after cops caught the celeb puffing a joint during today’s Brazil vs. Netherlands World Cup quarterfinal match, according to reports.

Paris, who arrived in the country for the coveted sporting event on Thursday, was taken into custody following the incident at the Nelson Mandela Stadium and later released. The news appears to have broken on Twitter after several people at the game claimed the formerSimple Life star was arrested in the middle of today’s soccer match. However, officials in the South African city are remaining tight-lipped on the details surrounding PH’s imprisonment.

”There is an inquiry? I don’t want to comment further,” a Port Elizabeth Police spokesperson told the press.

“EWN can officially confirm that socialite Paris Hilton has been arrested on a drug related charge and will appear in court later tonight,” a blogger for Eyewitness News (EWN) in South Africa wrote on the network’s page a few hours later.

This isn’t Paris’ first tango with the long arm of the law. In 2007, the heiress, 29, spent three weeks in the Los Angeles County Jail for violating the terms of her probation on a prior DUI charge.

Kids, don’t do drugs!

“Snabba Cash” Coke Dealer Role For Zac Efron
April 15, 2010, 5:04 pm
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Zac Efron will play a scheming cocaine smuggler in a new box office thriller!

The actor – who rose to fame in Disney’s popular High School Musical films – is stepping away from the teen roles that made him a star to play a runner for a coke dealer in Warner Bros.’ Snabba Cash — translated Easy Money — an American remake of a Swedish film based on the 2006 novel by Jens Lapidus.

Snabba was a major hit in its home country this year. The film follows three interconnected storylines involving drugs and organized crime, with the main character a young man (played in the original by Joel Kinnaman) who hopes to strike it rich by becoming a runner for a coke dealer.

Gossip Girl Is Back On Monday Nights
March 3, 2010, 4:25 pm
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The all new season of the CW hit, Gossip Girl returns to cable TV this Monday, March 8th. After a three month hiatus, the show is back and bigger than ever. If you can’t wait until Monday, you can feast your eyes on the preview clip below!

Underaged Disney Star Becomes Blind Item
January 12, 2010, 6:44 pm
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Take this news with a pinch of salt, but Blind Item posted a popular post on how a Disney starlet (not Miley) may be on her way to trouble. The story goes:

BuzzFoto – We overheard some chatter yesterday that kept us updated on some good blind item material! Friends of this Disney star gossiped that although she is young and cute with a clean image, she’s well on her way to trouble. The star they were gabbing about is underage, but is very talented in taking all types of drugs, even through ways we’ve never heard of! The friends seemed concerned about the drug use, but laughed off the fact that she is sleeping with two different older men, one that is involved with her career. Right now this star seems to be enjoying her life in the fast lane, but we wonder how long it will be until the lifestyle catches up to her! Not Miley Cyrus.

We’re all human, but celebrity or not, drug use is never O.K.! Hopefully this story is NOT true, but if it is, hopefully the starlet can get their life back in order outside of the public eye.

Nick Jonas Presents More Mature Sound & Lyrics In Debut Album
January 4, 2010, 6:55 pm
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In Nick Jonas’ song, “State Of Emergency” the seventeen-year-old may be going for a more mature sound, but parents of younger fans may feel questionable with the lyrics in his debut album, “Who I Am.”

The lyrics include possible prostitute lines confessing: “She’s seductive, She does it well, She’ll charge you by the hour, For a trip straight down to hell” 

Other songs including “Olive and an Arrow” drug references of: “She wants to be an eagle, When she’s high she can fly, no matter what she was trying”

Taylor Momsen Is A Vampire, Not Drug Addict
July 14, 2009, 12:44 am
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Taylor Momsen told MTV that she’s a vampire not a drug addict: ‘I’m nocturnal. I’m a vampire, I decided. I write at night. I don’t write a song; I write in a stream of consciousness. I never edit everything. I have books of lyrics. You can write a hundred songs from it, but I try to pick one stream.’

On working on music before her record deal: ‘I wrote the whole record first before I looked for a band, really.’ On her band Pretty Reckless: ‘A lot of the songs are not specific. I write about how I feel and what I think and what’s influencing me at that moment. It’s not necessarily about a boyfriend, even though it might sound like it. Every lyric has at least four different undertones. There’s a light version.. and then a really, really demented version.

On rumors: ‘I don’t really Google myself. I try not to. I read somewhere there
was this whole blog about how I shoot heroin. I was like, ‘Guys, I don’t shoot heroin.’ Sorry to burst your bubble, that’s really obscene. I like Kurt Cobain, but I’m not trying to emulate everything about him.’

Mitchel Musso Smokes Pot?
January 3, 2009, 8:18 am
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Drugs are bad kids!

A few readers have sent in the latest Disney story featured in Star Magazine which states, ‘We can’t tell you, but..’ section: Which Disney heartthrob better pass next time someone offers him a puff? The teen’s taste for pot has become a real problem on the set of his latest project.

It’s  a boy, someone that they have worked with enough to not drop him for smoking pot on set, and he is one of their heartthrobs. It could be Zac Efron or so many others, but Mitchel Musso does have a past of cigarettes and being around weed with his friends and older brother, Mason’s friends. Do you think Star was talking about Mitchel Musso or someone else, and if someone else, who!