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Sonny With A Chance Fashion Line For Target
July 22, 2010, 11:26 am
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Disney has tapped into the Target audience, starting their own fashion line based off of the hit teenage show, Sonny With A Chance. Created for girls sizes 4-16, D-Signed will be fashionable clothing items that mothers can approve of.

There will be two assortment of collections, beginning this month, and carrying over until the holiday season. Ranging from $4.99-$19.99, the Sonny Munroe ‘D-Signed’ collection includes: embellished graphic tees, skirts, dresses, pants, knit dresses, shorts, fashion tops and jackets, headbands, necklaces and bags.

View the collection here.

Amanda Seyfried to play Cinderella
June 28, 2010, 8:30 pm
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Disney is set to make another film based off of a classic cartoon, this time Cinderella is reportedly coming to life!

According to sources, Amanda Seyfried has signed on to play the rags-to-riches step daughter in Cinderella.  Disney has reportedly shelled out a seven-figure sum for a new live-action version of the classic fairy tale scripted by Aline Brosh McKenna, who wrote 27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada.

Have The Jonas Brothers Been Eclipsed by Justin Bieber?
June 18, 2010, 6:06 pm
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According to The Daily Beast, The Jonas Brothers are no longer what girls desire, which does not bode well for season 2 of their Disney show.

Just two years ago, the Jonas Brothers were being compared to the Beatles. They had a platinum album. They were clean-cut and well-scrubbed, but they were also respected for their catchy pop music that drove young girls to shrieking sessions. In the past year, they’ve struck out with album sales, and starred in both a ratings-challenged TV show and a failed 3-D concert movie.

Disney’s focus-group research, exclusively obtained by The Daily Beast, might explain why: According to the interviews, the Jonas Brothers are fast losing the very fanbase that propelled them to the heights of stardom. These studies show that the same young girls that just a few years ago couldn’t get enough of the rosy cheeks and luscious locks of Kevin, Joe, and Nick, are growing up and leaving their crushes behind.

Disney seems to have foreseen the shift reported in its market research, and has drastically revamped the Jonas Brothers’ Disney Channel show, the second season of which premieres Sunday. Now titled Jonas L.A., as opposed to just Jonas, the show, which stumbled in the ratings its first outing, has been made to resemble a saccharine version of Entourage. According to a source who has seen episodes of the show, the JoBros have sushi parties. They go golfing. And of course, there is romance—though nothing gets too racy, considering that the Disney Channel allows only one kiss per season.

From the start, however, the Jonases posed a unique challenge, seeing as they were already a popular music group when Disney brought them into the family back in 2006. Thus there was always the threat of overexposure, something that was never a fear with an unknown like, say, Lovato. The privileged, and very sexy, reality of the Jonases’ actual lives also made them hard to sell as ordinary kids who just happened to—surprise!—have hidden talents, the conceit behind most of the Disney teeny-bopper narratives, from Cyrus’ Hannah Montana to Duff’s Lizzie McGuire.

This may have been why the first season of Jonas, in which the brothers played high-school kids, didn’t take off the way Disney hoped. As one executive at a rival network said, “The concept was disingenuous, and kids sniff out inauthenticity. It’s hard to make the Jonas Brothers regular kids when they’re already superstars. I think that’s what probably alienated their fanbase.”

But even if Jonas L.A. fixes this problem—living the high life in Los Angeles is much more in vein with how the Jonases live off-camera—there’s no doubt that the trio is at a crossroads. Having entered their twenties (with the exception of Nick, who’s 17), it’s getting harder to deny their maturation, from Kevin’s marriage to Nick’s recent solo album (another disappointment).

“Justin Bieber is definitely the next new thing and is overshadowing the Jonas Brothers. But Bieber doesn’t have the marketing power of Disney behind him, which can’t be discounted.”

But as the market research indicates, it won’t be easy to reverse the tide. Disney is committed to trying, though. “They’re doing everything to hold on to the brand,” said a source familiar with their thinking “Or, at least, trying to milk every last drop out of them before they’re dead.

first look at ashley tisdale in Disney’s sharpay movie

The first look of Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evan’s has been revealed in this fan photo.

Promotional pictures and press has already been underway, and more of the movie continues to fall in place. Other cast members included are set to include her Aliens In The Attic co-star, Austin Butler. 

The film is set to show Sharpay as she adventures to New York to pursue her dream of acting. The Adventures of Sharpay is set to air on Disney next year.

Ashley Tisdale To Star In High School Musical Spin Off
May 25, 2010, 11:47 am
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Ashley Tidsale chatted with MTV on how her real life BFF, and High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens may guest star in Ashley’s Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure’:

I know [Vanessa’s] super busy because she’s about to promote her movies and stuff. But we definitely do have a special cameo. You just don’t know which character it is. I do. I just can’t tell you. It’s a secret!

We just started doing everything with it. We just started the photo shoots. I’ve been in wardrobe. I leave in like four days for Toronto. It’s a character that’s kind of underneath my skin. The script shows Sharpay in a totally different light. Everyone’s in college. She’s in New York City trying to fulfill her dreams on Broadway.’

Disney Demands Gemma Arterton Lose Weight
May 15, 2010, 12:43 pm
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Gemma Arterton may be a gorgeous movie star, appearing in the big summer blockbuster “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” But the size 6 actress still faces scrutiny from weight-obsessed Hollywood.

The actress who also starred in “Clash of the Titans” and “Quantum of Solace” tells the the U.K. Daily Mail, “Occasionally, I come home and say to my fiance, ‘I feel really fat.'”

“He says, ‘Will you just listen to yourself? You know you’re being silly.’ And I do know that when I’m home, but in the business it’s different.”

The 24-year-old star says that film execs from Disney’s “Prince of Persia” told her what not to eat after she was photographed with a double chin last year.

While filming the movie, she admitted, “They sent me to a personal trainer, wanted to get my teeth done, hair extensions, make me look like somebody else. And that’s fine… I became the thing they wanted me to be for the part.”

“But I don’t agree with what they think is beautiful because it’s not me,” she says. “Unless you’re really famous and successful then they’re going to bully you into going to the gym. It’s a side of the industry that I find uncomfortable.”

But it’s not just film execs who pick her apart, it’s also the thin-obsessed fashion industry. She explains, “I went to a designer the other day — who will remain nameless — and he said to me: ‘I’m amazed that you’re fitting into these sample sizes.'”

To which she replied: “I’m a size (U.K) eight to ten! I should be amazed that the largest you’re making these is a size six.”

Nick Jonas Dishes Jonas Season 2 Details
March 19, 2010, 8:50 am
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In a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine the eldest Jonas Brother, Kevin Jonas, talked about the upcoming second season of the Disney Channel Original Series “JONAS” Check out the details Kevin spilled below.

Season 2 scoop, please!
“It’s a much different show—it’s on location, it will be all over the place. The big idea is we’re spending the summer away in Los Angeles and exploring what this city has to offer. It’s going to be pretty cool—new characters, new storylines…so many different things are going to happen with it.”

What’s it like shooting on location?
“It’s so much more fun and it’s incredible to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun all day. You have this beautiful landscape around you—it’s awesome!”

You filmed a music sequence involving a helicopter on the rooftop of the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa—how awesome was that?
“That was incredible—out of control! We never did anything like that last season. It feels like a movie! It was very cool standing there and seeing the Hollywood sign behind us—very appropriate for what this season has to hold.”

Will there be new music this season?
“There will be new songs—some we wrote, others we didn’t.”

What kind of storylines?
“This season is a lot more grown up than it was last season. You can only fake an age for so long! [Laughs] I can tell you this much—the entire season is an arc with a beginning, middle and end, which is nice.”

Is there an episode you are really looking forward to?
“We just did a table read for an episode where we spend the entire day on the beach—that works for me!”