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Fall Out Boy Breaking Up
February 3, 2010, 5:32 pm
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Fall Out Boy has apparently fallen out.

In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, Pete explained that he and his bandmates desperately needed a break from each other after performing together since 2001. In a series of recent updates to his account on Tuesday, the bassist confirmed that the band are currently on hiatus — and hints that the break may be permanent.

He wrote: “I don’t know the future of Fall Out Boy. It’s embarrassing to say one thing and then have the future dictate another. As far as I know Fall Out Boy is on (a) break…..” Pete later added: “As much as I don’t have a solo project, I also can’t predict that I’d ever play in Fall Out Boy again.”

Lead vocalist Patrick Stump has also seemingly confirmed the end of Fall Out. In recent statements to Spin, Stump, 25, remarked:

“I’m not in Fall Out Boy right now….But one way or another, the band will always be around. Steven Tyler isn’t in Aerosmith anymore, but his gravestone will probably say something about Aerosmith. Whether we play again or not, I don’t know. If we do, it will be for the right reasons. If we don’t, it will also be for the right reasons.”

The Killers On Indefinite Hiatus
January 20, 2010, 7:58 pm
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In a recent interview with the Australian Associated Press, The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning saidthat the Vegas glam-rockers’ Feb. 21 show in Melbourne will be their last—for a while, at least.

The news doesn’t come as such a surprise, as the Killers have been touring and recording virtually non-stop since they first started catching ears with “Somebody Told Me” in 2004. But, in the context of rumors that singer Brandon Flowers wants to go solo, it looks increasingly likely that “break” in this case might actually be short for “break-up.”

When asked whether the hiatus would be permanent, Keuning didn’t deliver the most convincing response: “Not as far as I know” he said.

Kevin Jonas, Is It Really Worth It?
December 4, 2008, 11:53 am
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Kevin Jonas, may be losing out on the money sooner than later!  The oldest brother is working an “alternative” solo album that could lead to a split for the Jonas Brothers as they currently are.

Tabloid spywitnesses claim Kevin, 21, is ready to swap the bubblegum pop he is hidden in the back of with brothers Joe and Nick for a more mature sound.

Kevin “wants adult fans, and he wants to sing adult  music” an unnamed insider says in the December 15 edition of Star Magazine.

Every good thing must come to an end, but if you are the eldest, taken, brother in a band that markets off of  brothers good looks and the young girls that are interested in the music, in hopes that they have a chance to date/marry you, chances are appealing to an older crowd which is a very limited fan base, with a voice we never hear, It may not go quite as planned. That is of course unless you’re planning for a terrible outcome. Just Saying….




“He loves his brothers Nick and Joe, but he definitely wants a solo career and won’t be a part of the group forever.”

Taylor Swift CONFIRMS Jonas/Belle Relationship & Cheating!


Taylor Swift revealed to OK! magazine at the 2008 Country Music Awards more than Joe Jonas would have liked her too! She spilled that Joe Jonas cheated on her with now girlfriend Camilla Belle,

They’ve been together for months. That’s why we broke up.’

Joe was with Camilla for MONTHS? Joe and Taylor just broke up three WEEKS ago! That means that at the VMA awards when Joe and Taylor were cozy, and they had her open for them…it was all a lie. I understand cheating happens, but it doesn’t make it right, or even tollerable. Personally, I’m dissapointed in Joe for not only lying but cheating for months on end. What do you think though?