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Jwoww Can Cause Viruses
March 3, 2011, 3:27 pm
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In the digital world, “Jenni J-Woww” is likely to lead to destruction. According to research firm Barracuda Labs’ annual security report, “Jenni J-Woww” is one of the world’s most dangerous search terms. Of the top searches that led directly to malware, “Jenni J-Woww” ranked second, behind only queries for “music video.” Even searching for “Rex Ryan” and “credit score” was less riskier than looking for “J-Woww” on the web.

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you are so pretty i want to be just like you!!!!!! hey are you and roger still going out ?????? ive heard that you never liked snooki cuz she was fat that you prentended you liked her is that true????? but i now that isnt cuz you and snooki are like me and mii sis !!!!! will peace jwow freaks!!!! i love JWOW i hate the situation especially ronnie and thats all!!!! VINY IS ADORABLE i want to marry!!!!!!! :0

Comment by isabel

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