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July 22, 2010, 11:40 am
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“I am a product whore,” Katy Perry said with a laugh. “I am a consumer of a multitude of beauty products and I’m always looking for the next great thing that will make me into the young Elizabeth Taylor I would love to be. I must have about 100 products on my counter right now.”

The 25-year-old California native will launch her first fragrance, Purr by Katy Perry in November at Nordstrom and Inspired by Perry’s Catwoman stage costume, Purr will be unveiled to long-lead beauty editors this evening.

The cat-shaped bottle has jeweled eyes, metallic accents and opulent lavender shading.

“There are amazing fragrances backed by other celebrities, but what I’m bringing is not like any other,” she continued. “It wasn’t just like, ‘I love gardenias.’ That would have been the easy route. I really wanted to develop a scent that was completely unlike anything I’d smelled before and not one that smelled like a knockoff of another scent. I’d never want to do anything ‘just because.’”

That’s not to say she’s not fond of other efforts: “I’m not embarrassed to say that I went out and bought [Beyoncé Knowles’ first scent] Heat and Kim Kardashian’s scent earlier this year. I’ve worn Clinique Happy, Ralph Lauren’s Romance and Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. My sense of smell is so important to me. A guy can walk into an elevator wearing Acqua di Gio, and I’m immediately like ‘You’re my first boyfriend.’ I want my fragrance to have that effect on people.”

PURR will be available starting at $36.

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She is a [product] whore.

Comment by BtW

Katy Perry and Snooki have been cited and compared to Elizabeth Taylor and the Earth has started to shake. They need to take note of the 11th commandment, Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of Elizabeth Taylor In Vain. Who knows, perhaps this explains the extensive heat in New York City this summer. God is angry at these two women, whose art imitates the life of Elizabeth Taylor.

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Comment by Ryan

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