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Lady Gaga will always “sacrifice” love for her music career
July 5, 2010, 6:47 pm
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Lady Gaga who is currently single – admits she has been forced to put her love life aside to be a successful pop star and is too “weak” to make romances work.

She said: “My greatest sacrifice is love. I’ve only ever been in love once, and I had to walk away because I had to put my career first. He wanted me to stay at home and be with him; I wanted to be out there trying to make it on stage. It was a huge lesson for me, but it’s also a source of sadness. God gave me a gift with music, but if you have gifts you also have weaknesses. My weakness is not being able to make relationships work.”

The 24-year-old star has been on numerous dates over the years, but has decided to choose music instead because it won’t ever break her heart.

She added to Live magazine: “There’s something in me that stops me ever putting a relationship before my work. I guess I always think my music is never going to roll over in bed one morning and tell me that it doesn’t love me any more. I have to believe the music is worth the sacrifice.”

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