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Sum 41’s bus driver gets drunk, drives off road, almost kills band
July 1, 2010, 1:57 am
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Sum 41 is having some serious bus issues on there run of the Warped Tour. On the way to Ventura after the San Francisco show, the bus driver took to the wheel while being drunk, causing his lack of full consciousness to have the bus drive off the road and come close to tipping over, killing everyone on board. In a series of early morning Twitter updates the band posted the following conversation:

6:32: “So our bus driver was drunk. We are at the side of the road. This tweet is not a joke. Trying to get to Ventura for warped tour”

6:50: “Recap. Our bus driver ran off the road. He was drunk. Deryck tried to fight him”

6:55: “New bus driver came and met us at the side of the road…. He seems more sober.”

6:58: “No doubt we like to drink. Its well documented. But this idiot did it while driving!”

7:00: “What an idiot! We could have been killed! F-k this guy. Never working for us again!”

12:18: “We are alive. In Ventura. Ready to rock out.”

And if you think it ends there you are wrong. On the way to the scorching hot desert of Arizona the guys bus decides to stop working:

“So our bus broke down on the way to Arizona. Wow.”

“We have the worst luck in rock.”

*Remember never drive or allow someone to drive drunk. If you need a free ride, many are available by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP. Don’t put yourself and others in danger, it’s never worth it.

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