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Harry Potter Tamed Down To Avoid R Rating?
June 30, 2010, 12:39 am
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With the latest Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows trailer coming out this week, many die-hard fans who had studied the previous trailer (which came out in December 2009) noticed many changes.

Many changes such as blood being removed, shown deaths being limited, and gore down to a minimum. Why the change though?

Harry Potter was up for debate as to if it would be rated PG-13, a rating ideal for a teen targeted film, or rated R, showing more but losing the ability of many fans to see the movie in theaters.

With the final rating being PG-13, changes had to of been made to make the film more appropriate to the masses, even if that meant the movie wouldn’t hold as true to the books. Are you happy it was modified to get the PG-13 rating, or do you wish they stayed true to the book?

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Harry Potter Tamed Down To Avoid R Rating?…

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But it’s no surprise that they’d try to get more money *sigh*

Comment by Hallie

WHAT IS THERE PROBLEM???? the movie will be sooooo much better R!! they need to be more true to the book. is no harry potter book going to get justice??? about all the ppl that started watching harry potter when it first came out should be old enough to handle an r rated movie. im 15 and watch r movies all the time. BE TRUE TO THE BOOK PLEASE!!!!!!!

Comment by Benjamin

No. Trailers are also rated and are modified to reach that rating. The removing of the blood is just so they can show the trailer for a wider audience. This is nothing new.
Check out the trailer for Harold and Kumar for some major image mods, clothes put on people and such.

Comment by Omar

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