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3OH!3 “Streets Of Gold” Album First Listen & Review
June 28, 2010, 4:17 pm
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3OH!3’s long awaited sophomore album, Streets of Gold drops tomorrow (6.29) leaving fans only hours away from listening to new music.

First rising on the scene by adding a catchy beat to thrash songs, the duo made up of friends Nat Motte and Sean Foreman from Colorado began moving from local areanas to traveling on Vans Warped Tour where they quickly gathered a strong following.

With success of their first single, Don’t Trust Me, the band continued hitting airwaves with their song, Starstrukk ft. Katy Perry, and more recently, their work on Ke$ha’s Blah Blah Blah, followed by her lending her voice to their single, My First Kiss.

Continuing their success with a perfectly timed sophomore album, Streets of Gold was made during a three month studio dedication, but with their more mainstream fan base thanks to gaining Katy Perry and Ke$ha fans, they also made their sound more mainstream as well.

Moving away from the music that made them famous (I’m Not Your Boyfriend, PunkB***h) they traded in the harsh words for repetitions of “Oh Oh Oh’s” and “Fa La La La La’s”. Surely their male audience may have some concerns with the new sound, but the question remains, will they keep their fans and continue growing, or have mainstream listeners for a few songs that have celebrity features?

With the opening track, Beaumont similar to 3OH!3’s sound in their debut album WANT, as well as the second track, I Can Do Anything, while not radio friendly, the songs will please the old fans. From there however, the rest is made for radio, and more targeted, teen girls. While not love songs, the tracks including, Deja Vu and Touchin On My are not something guys will be quick to blast this summer.

The album is good, and does make for a great listening, as long as you don’t listen for too long. With the chorus’ being very similar in many songs, there isn’t enough difference to make the album enjoyable to listen from start to finish in one sitting. Talent did go into their tracks including, Streets of Gold of which the album was titled, but others require some patience in getting through. Are 3OH!3 growing as artists, yes, we’re just not sure they fully perfected their niche and confidence just yet.

Streets of Gold drops June 29th wherever music is sold.

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I completely agree about the lack of differentiation between tracks; it’s extremely hard to listen to the entire album without it feeling like an extreeeeeeeeeeemely long song.

Comment by Brian Laughman

Their fans will stay! Even if the music changed, they still put on an amazing live show! check out my blog:

Comment by undergroundbeats

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