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Harry Potter Theme Park Sells Favorite Wanted Items

Want to play a game of Quidditch in your backyard? First you’ll need a few 100-foot-high goal rings and the ability to fly, but once you’ve got all that, you can buy a complete set of three balls in Dervish and Banges. There’s the foam Quaffle ($20), the Bludger and matching Beater bat ($22), and the winged Golden Snitch ($15). Game on!

ilch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods, the gift shop attached to the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, is filled with the most expensive collector’s items in the park, like a set of Triwizard Champion wands for $150 and a wizarding chess set for $400. Our favorite high-end item was this rubber Death Eater mask based on the evil Bellatrix Lestrange character ($100). You’ll notice that this mask was molded to fit the round head of Helena Bonham Carter, who played Lestrange in the films.

Behind the bar at the Hog’s Head, Tim pours frosty adult beverages for parents looking to escape the Orlando heat. One of the beers, Hog’s Head Brew, is exclusive to the park. It’s a malty red Scottish ale, easy to drink and served in a tall plastic pint glass for $6.50.

The Marauder’s Map is a relatively authentic replica of a cool Potter prop — in the movies, the magic map shows the movements of every person on the Hogwarts grounds, as well as the locations of all the secret passageways. This version is significantly less magical, but it’s still an extensive blueprint of the school. This map will cost you $65.

Remembralls light up red if there’s something you’ve forgotten about, they are available for $15.

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Comment by LKB

I KNOW! I really want the map, because that is just fantastic, but it all looks good. LK we have to go!

Comment by SocialButterflies

Hey Melissa 🙂

Too bad there’s not a Kiss a Ginger booth hahaha


Comment by [alice]

ohhh my goodness! alice, that is the best harry potter idea i’ve heard. miss you too!

Comment by SocialButterflies

hahaha thank you 🙂 Maybe it should be called Kiss a Weasley instead to be more HP-orientated.

Comment by [alice]

I want them.. Hope someone sell that on ebay . 😦

Comment by babytyche08

but ii have to live in cali huh?
but when i go someday im pretty sure ill cry cause im such a gigantic harry potter nerd;D
sooo cool

Comment by Eva-la

Hi There, I am interested in buying a remembrall. Could you tell me if they are still available?

Comment by Shannon

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