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Katy Perry Slams Lady Gaga “Alejandro” VIDEO
June 9, 2010, 12:47 pm
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Katy Perry is leading the pack of music lovers who aren’t going “gaga” over Lady Gaga’s latest musical short film. The “Waking Up In Vegas” songbird has slammed her quirky pop counterpart for the buzzed-about “Alejandro” video — an effort Katy calls “blasphemous and cheap.”

In the video, released Tuesday, Gaga wears a latex nun’s habit, underwear with a cross emblazoned on her crotch and sucks rosary beads after cavorting with a pack of semi-naked gay men. The clip hit a sour note with Perry — the daughter of evangelical Christians — who hit her Twitter to air her disgust over Gaga’s controversial use of Catholic imagery.

“Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke,” the pop singer remarked curtly.

Gaga, who was raised Catholic has yet to respond to Perry’s comments.

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i wonder what she’ll say,
but come on katy hasnt really been the best christian either, i kissed a girl was something i know lots of christians like, frowned upon, or wahtever
and modesty is something theyre both lacking tho;D

Comment by Eva-la

Katy may not be the most modest woman, but at the same time Katy is christian and Lady Gaga is Catholic. I believe when it comes to religious items brought into music videos, especially in a tasteless mannor, it’s just not expected to be done by ones who claim they live their life to uphold the same beliefs theyre trashing. Especially after the video came a day after Lady Gaga went to the Catholic school she went to in high school to see her little sister graduate, and wore a see through one peice. There’s a proper place for everything, and by dressing like there at a religious event, and putting down religious items in her music video, that’s what upset Katy, not that she dressed sexy, as lady gaga always does that. it was that she was willing to trash her religion in order to get some extra publicity, that’s what upset her and many others.

Comment by SocialButterflies

then again, squirting whipped cream from your bikini isn’t exactly classy, miss perry…
but agreed, gaga went over the top

Comment by jayda

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