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Happy Birthday Natalie Portman
June 9, 2010, 12:19 pm
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Today Natalie Portman turns 29. And among her many birthday gifts is a pair of Cinderella slippers from Rinaldi’s new collection that Rina Shah has specially designed for the Hollywood star.
Speaking from California, just before she tumbles into bed, Shah points out that she specifically singled out Portman for a gift because, like her, the actress is an active supporter of animal rights who refuses to wear leather in real life or reel, and in 2008 released her own line of ‘vegan’ shoes and accessories.

The shoes sent to Portman are from Shah’s Cinderella Collection. Sparkling with Swarovski crystals, these glass slippers were inspired by the popular fairy tale of a scullery maid who turns princess for a night, then in her hurry to leave before the clock strikes 12, leaves one of her sole mates behind to bring her soul mate to her.

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

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I want to wish her a very happy birthday,and I love you Nat…

Comment by Ric

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