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Vanessa Hudgens Home Flooded, Leaving $250K In Damage

Vanessa Hudgens is temporarily shacking up with longtime boyfriend Zac Efron after a devastating flood left her Studio City bachelorette pad damaged to the tune of $250,000.

Vanessa and Zac have been quietly sharing a $7,500-a-month beach house in Malibu since February, when Baby V left the water running in her bathtub and returned home to find a damp disaster, spies spill.

“She forgot about it and left the house with the water running in her third-floor master bathroom. When she returned home, the whole place was a soggy mess….Fortunately most of the money was paid by her insurance company.”

The flood buckled floors and ruined walls and several pieces of expensive furniture. Ironically, Zac’s suburban LA home was also the site of a flood when his outdoor pool overflowed in April. What started out as a twin pair of catastrophes has led to the former High School Musical stars moving in together; Zac and Vanessa are sharing the Malibu pad hile their homes are being repaired.

“It’s been a happy twist of fate for Zac and Vanessa. They’re living together and have never been closer.”

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