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No More “Sex And The City” Movies
June 2, 2010, 1:55 pm
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Carrie & Company have sipped their last Cosmos on the silver screen.

North American moviegoers preferred Shrek Forever After, the first 3D animated sequel about Far Far Away’s favorite gentle green ogre, to the much-hyped but critically-panned Sex And The City sequel over the holiday weekend. Sex And The City 2 follows the current love lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte — the New York City girlfriends at the heart of the hugely popular femme franchise — but failed to woo the masses amid dismal reviews. The abysmal showing was bad enough to prompt distributors Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema to halt all plans for future box office adventures for the fashionistas.

If the movie had performed as well as the studio had hoped they would definitely made a third film, but after these numbers, it’s over. They have squeezed as much money out of that franchise as they possibly can and the public knows it,” box office big mouths gushed. 

The Memorial Day weekend showed Shrek on top for a second week, pulling in $57 million, according to Friday-to-Monday figures released by box office tracker Exhibitor Relations on Tuesday. The Sex sequel came in third — behind Prince of Persia –earning just $36.8 million.

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