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Miley Cyrus, ‘Not Going To College Now’
May 25, 2010, 1:59 am
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Miley Ray Cyrus admitted she isn’t going to college next year, telling Q100:

My sister went to MTSU in Nashville, so I’d probably want to be there with all my friends, but I’m not gonna go to college right now. I am a firm believer that you can go back at any age you want, because my grandma went back to college at 62 years old.’ 

On her critics: ‘No one ever wants to see someone grow up. It’s like when Hilary Duff started growing up off the Disney Channel. Everyone thought she was anorexic and she did this and that. It’s just because she grew up! She didn’t look like a 12-year-old anymore.’ 

On her sexy new video: ‘My song is clearly about breaking free and being out of a cage and being able to be truly who you are. If you see Hannah Montana through that, or are mad because you don’t, turn on Disney Channel. That’s where my show is. My show is still on the air. I’m not done doing Hannah Montana, your true fans are gonna love the artist when they express themselves.’

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