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Emma Roberts, ‘Don’t Date A Model. Ever.’
May 25, 2010, 11:37 am
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Emma Roberts  featured in the latest issue of  SUGAR Magazine.

Do you hate ex-boyfriend Alex Pettyfer? ‘No comment on Alex Pettyfer.’ So, was he really mean? ‘You know it’s hard when you have a relationship that’s amazing then the other persona deliberately does things to hurt you. I keep thinking about the good times, they were great. But then you think of the bad times and they were bad.

Relationships are hard enough. I don’t think actors should go out with each other. I think there’s only room for one actor-ego in a relationship. Oh, and a note to every girl out there, do not date a model. Ever. That’s my advice. Give them a kiss, sure, but do not date them!’

Anyone reacted badly to your fame? ‘There have been plenty of bitchy girls. In the past few years. I’ve had to get rid of so many girlfriends. I think if you’re going to say something about someone behind their back, it has to be something you’d be willing to say to their face. Otherwise, it’s just bitchy and not cool.

I’ve had a lot of problems with girls. You think someone’s your best friends and then they suddenly go off with a person who did something bad to you. It’s always really hard, but it’s good in a way because you learn who your true friends are.’

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That’s totally NOT TRUE! Everyone knows she cheated on him!

Comment by TAR

Delibarately hurt you Emma, how? By telling someone you cheated on him and ruining your good girl image?

Comment by me

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