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Vanessa Hudgens enjoying her role as a prostitute in ‘Sucker Punch’
May 15, 2010, 12:57 pm
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Vanessa Hudgens found it “fun” its role as a prostitute in her new movie. The actress, who plays a prostitute in the action film “Sucker Punch” said she enjoyed the role because it allowed her ripe to explore another facet of her character. She said: “Honestly, it’s a combination of many things … it’s fun and it’s a fantasy that you’ll have to see to understand.”

To prepare for the role, the actress of 21 years of age, admitted that she visited the strip clubs or the corners of the investigation, but it was a physical place, seek the help of the hallmarks of the U.S. Navy. UU., a Special Operations Force Maritime. She told E! Online, “we have made the martial arts. We trained with Navy SEALs. We got to shoot a large quantity of firearms. It was very exciting! ”

Vanessa has already spoken about how training for the role was the most I ever had to do. She said: “I was crying because I pushed very hard. But it is amazing what it is. When you go so far to find a certain Zen about it and you know you can do anything. It is very rewarding. “

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