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TV’s Top Paid Young Actors Revealed

Just as the school year is coming to an end, The Post conducted a survey of casting agents, talent agents and TV execs to determine TV’s richest child actors.

“People have misconceptions about how much these kids get paid,” says one agent who specializes in young, young actors. Even some of the biggest teen stars don’t make that much from TV.

“People think there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” for young TV stars, says Hollywood talent agent Jackie Lewis, who represents a bevy of young TV actors.

“But let’s think about the commissions given out once they get that pot of gold: Ten percent goes to the agent; 10-15 percent goes to the manager and 15 percent goes to the Coogan Account,” she says, alluding to the trust fund that by California state law must be established for underage actors and that they cannot touch until they’re 21. “And then there’s taxes,” she adds. “So even if a kid is making $25,000 a week, he or she may see only 30 or 40 percent of that money.”


1. Angus T. Jones, 16 “Two and a Half Men” $250,000

2. Miranda Cosgrove, 16 “iCarly” $180,000

3. Selena Gomez, 17 “Wizards of Waverly Place” $25,000

4. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, 17 “The Suite Life” $20,000 each

4. Keke Palmer, 16 “True Jackson” $20,000

6. Miley Cyrus, 17 “Hannah Montana” $15,000

6. Rico Rodriguez, 11 “Modern Family” $15,000

8. Demi Lovato, 17 “Sonny With a Chance” $12,000

How is Selena making so much more income than Miley, and she makes less than the Sprouse brothers? Does anyone even watch Suite Life anymore?

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haha no one,suite life on deck sucks,
reruns are the cool ones now;D
and miley has the whole singing thing going fo rher so shes all good, huh?

Comment by Eva-la

Another reason I LOVE social butterflies. You don’t see this report at

Now is that per week or per year? Because if it is per week, Two and a Half Men has REALLY invested in Angus Jones (26 episodes=about $7-mill per year). If it’s per year, poor Miley, Demi and the Sprouse twins.

Comment by Marketing $ociologist

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