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Vanessa Carlton Bit By Pit Bull
May 9, 2010, 7:14 pm
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Pop songstress Vanessa Carlton set out on her daily run along the streets of Shohola, a rural area about 20 miles outside of Milford.

Her father, Ed, has a home in the Walker Lake community. The neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, so Carlton runs in the roadway.

About two blocks from her dad’s house, Carlton passes a home with three dogs in the yard: A Pomeranian, a Jack Russell Terrier and a 9-month-old pit bull named Bella. The yard is surrounded by an invisible fence.

Bella bolts the yard and bites Carlton on the calf. The singer is bleeding from five puncture wounds, and retreats home.

Two days later after the May 2 attack, Vanessa and Ed Carlton go back to Bella’s home and confront its owners, Ben and Jo Anne Teichberg.

“They are branding Bella as a dangerous animal and want her put to death,” Ben Teichberg said. “They said because Bella is a pit bull, it is known to be bad.”

James Rickert, the dog warden for Wayne and Pike counties, put Bella under a 10-day home quarantine. The dog must be either confined or on a leash during that period.

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