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Nick Jonas, ‘We Make Decisions Together’
April 16, 2010, 5:30 pm
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Nick Jonas is featured in the latest issue of  PARADE Magazine. The seventeen-year-old (who acts 60) dished on confidence, Selena Gomez, and purity rings.

‘One of the biggest things I think people struggle with, even at my age, is self-confidence, feeling comfortable in their skin and wanting to find someone who loves them for that.

‘I hope my peers in music and my friends are liking it. I hope they can see my growth in music. It’s a dream of mine to win a Grammy one day.’ ‘We make decisions together, even when we’re doing things individually.’ ‘I’ve always been quite driven. I take after my father. He’s a driven person. He’s also a leader. He does a great job as a mentor to all of us.’

On possibly dating Selena Gomez: It’s a lot more boring than anyone wants to think.’ 

On his purity ring: ‘We like to keep some things private. We appreciate it when people respect that. Everyone has a right to his own business.’

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is he trying to say that his ‘story’ with selena is boring? or is that Selena who is boring?
in every instance, all I can say is: OUCH :s

Comment by Alice

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