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‘Twilight’ Makes List of Most Requested Books to Be Removed
April 15, 2010, 3:31 pm
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Sure, there’s a bajillion Twi-hards out there, but it seems the pop culture hit has a ton of haters, too. 

The Twilight series has earned itself a spot on the 2009 American Library Association’s list of the most frequently challenged books.So what exactly is that? This organization logs the amount of formal complaints filed against libraries and schools to have a book removed. Twilight was bashed for being too sexual and for not being targeted to the right demographic. 

We’re sure some super fans already wrote letters in Twilight’s defense, but most crazed followers were too busy freaking out after hearing that scenes from Eclipse were being reshot. Although the film is scheduled to hit theaters in only two months, a rep for Summit insists this reshoot was planned and not a sign that the studio is unhappy with the director’s work.

The scenes that are being redone won’t include any major moments between Bella and Edward or fight scenes with the newborn vampires. “None of the meadow or action scenes are being reshot,” the rep confirms.

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