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Who’s That Girl in Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Let You Go’ Video?

Justin Bieber may have been trying to win the affection of Jasmine Villegas in his‘Baby’ video, but he’s got a new girl now. In the Canadian pop star’s latest video, ‘Never Let You Go,’ Justin is shown holding hands and almost-kissing 17-year-old actress Paige Hurd.
But don’t worry, Beliebers. Justin is never shown locking lips with Paige, who had a role in 2005’s Beauty Shop and is set to star in the new movie Peep Game this year. Instead, the on-screen lovebirds stay close and cozy while checking out the fish-filled aquariums at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, where the video was shot.

Justin posted the new video on his Facebook page on Tuesday, reminding fans of the golden ticket contest going on in conjunction with the release of his sophomore album, ‘My World 2.0.’ “NEVER LET YOU GO video is now out,” he said. “Shot this in the BAHAMAS where I will bring you on vacation with me if you find the GOLDEN TICKET in the MY WORLD 2.0 album….wanna come?”

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What were your parents like?

Comment by Lindsay

How come you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead? =)

Comment by Pinkerton

Good choice Justin

Comment by barbie

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