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Drake 2010 Album Preview

Drake’s 2010 album will finally provide fans with a more extensive, studio produced opus to complement his mixtape-dominated discography. That’s right. ‘Thank Me Later,’ slated for May, will be the first full-length studio album for the Toronto-based rapper, despite his acclaim garnering a Grammy nomination, appearing in several high-profile music videos and even receiving the vocal support of everyone from Kanye West and Lil Wayne, to Magic Johnson. 

Drake began recording the 2010 album back in June, but was sidelined by a knee injury in July. He resumed recording in October, and in November Lil Wayne declared that the album was finished. At this year’s Grammys, though, Drake claimed that he still hadn’t finished putting the final touches on his maiden studio work.

While he hasn’t yet released an official tracklisting for the CD, Drake has confirmed the following songs will be on the album: ‘Fireworks,’ ‘Shut it Down,’ ‘Afrika Boombatta’ and ‘Light Up,’ — the latter featuring, not surprisingly, Jay-Z. Just last week, in fact, Drake unveiled the album’s first single, titled ‘Over’ which has already received rave reviews from several DJs, including DJ Green Lantern. As he told MTV, Drake’s latest effort is “not what you might think somebody would do,” adding that “It’s not like, ‘Let me make “Best I Ever Had” Part 2.’ It’s an everybody type of record.”

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