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3OH!3 Explore Streets Of Gold In The Studio
March 2, 2010, 4:47 pm
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After extensive touring on the strength of their top 10 hit “Don’t Trust Me,” electro-rap duo 3OH!3 finally got a chance to start working on a follow-up album last month. “Sean [Foreman] and I went up to the mountains in Colorado for 10 days and wrote, like, 15 songs, super-quick,” co-lead vocalist Nathaniel Motte tells the Music Mix.

Next Motte and Foreman headed to L.A., where they’ve been logging studio hours with producers including Dr. Luke (Ke$ha), Benny Blanco (“Don’t Trust Me”), and Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, The Bird and the Bee). By now they’re about 25 potential tunes and counting into their third full-length, which they hope to release this June. While they’re far from done recording, they have settled on a title for the album:Streets of Gold. “It just felt right and big and epic and happy,” Motte explains. “It’s hopefully timeless.”

This is the first time 3OH!3 has had the luxury of staying in the studio for so long. “We recorded our last CD in, like, three and a half weeks, so it was definitely a lot quicker. There’s definitely an advantage to having this much time to refine our stuff. I think I’ve learned a lot as a producer, as a songwriter, and as a beatmaker. Hopefully this stuff is going to sound a lot bigger and more well-rounded…We’ve been doing some classic straight-up electro songs, and then we’ve also been doing some throwback-sounding stuff, some slower stuff, and then some harder rap stuff.”

One thing 3OH!3 don’t plan to do on Streets of Gold is tone down their lyrical style, which has been widely criticized as sexist. (Sample line from “Don’t Trust Me”: “Shush girl, shut your lips/Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips!”) “No,” Motte says with a chortle. “We’re going full-ahead with the sexism and misogyny. We’re trying to blaze new trails.” He laughs again. “Nah, man. I think we still like to write some things that are definitely tongue in cheek and more based on punchlines, poking fun at relationships and whatever. I dunno. I guess I’d have to go through and see if there’s something offensive in there. I actually would hope that there is. You know, it makes it a little funny.”

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