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Taylor Swift On Being Ashamed Of Curly Hair
March 1, 2010, 4:05 pm
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Taylor Swift dished to J-14 on how people used to make fun of her hair at school: ‘I knew they were talking about me. My friends decided that I had frizzy hair and was ‘annoying’, and they didn’t want to hang out with me anymore. So I used to straighten it because all the cool girls had straight hair. It looked so horrible, it completely frizzed-out if it was humid and it took me so long in the morning.’

Even though it was difficult to change her hair Taylor still did it to try to look pretty like the popular girls: ‘I saw this commercial on TV for leopard-print hair curlers. I was so stoked when I got those in the mail. they were cloth and you would roll your hair in one and snap the curler in place, and then you’d roll another one, snap it and then intertwine the two. It was so painful to sleep on.’

Even though curly hair is Taylor’s trademark look now, she still has bad days now and then: ‘Being confident is something I struggle with every day. Everybody has those days in their like, like, ‘My hair looks horrible today,’ but I can get past it now.’

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awww thtz soo cute

Comment by lavender

wow hard to believe she was made fun bc of her gorgeous curls!
here’s how i got her curly look:

Comment by maryk22

I have naturally curly hair too. I was teased all the time in school! I was called “mop head” and “poodle.”
But now since i’m older I learned to love my hair. I get compliments as well. I had no idea Taylor got teased, it makes me not feel alone because not very many people have curly hair.

Comment by Morgan

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