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Rihanna Is Sure She Can’t Pull Of A Gaga
February 22, 2010, 7:04 pm
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Rihanna is frequently spotted on red carpets wearing outfits that a sane person would politely describe as “wacky”, but she insists there’s no rivalry with Lady Gaga.
“I could never wear anything that Lady Gaga wears,” the ‘Rude Boy’ singer told MusicFIX during her recent jaunt to Australia. “It works for her because that’s her. It’ll look pretty silly on me!” 

“The only way I succeeded was by being myself and not really look at who else is out there or trying to compete with them,” she added.

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While Hilary Duff is getting engaged, where does Rihanna spend her 22nd birthday? MY Sonoran desert! Unfortunately she brought the TMZ paps with her and they’re staying saying Tiger Woods will be here for the Waste Management Open (Hey, I didn’t name it). Someone please come get them. People like Britney and Charlie Sheen used to come here so they wouldn’t be bothered.

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