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Does Ke$ha Listen To Justice?
December 18, 2009, 10:21 pm
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Does Ke$ha’s single, “Tik Tok” sound strangely similar/inspired by Justice’s song, “Party?” Yes, no?

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it sounds like an exact version, just slowed down

Comment by katie

yeah ! you’re right !
strangely similar !

I didn’t know Justice was known over seas !

Comment by Alice

I would use the faster version of the song, I think its better and more relatable to Tik Tok haha…( & isnt it more like Uffiesinging this song ? ) I like a few of Kesha’s songs but the first time I heard them I thought it was awfully similar to Uffie, Perez Hilton mentioned that too

Comment by oigjiosgm

It’d really be more useful if you’d also include a link to the Justice track, for comparison.

By not doing so, you’ve essentially excluded any feedback from people not already familiar with Justice.

Comment by Unperson

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This post was mentioned on Reddit by DCMurphy: This song is shitty. Lyrics are empty (not saying Ke$ha’s are full, however), it doesn’t have a good lead-in or a really recognizable style. It’s just… crappy. That being said, Ke$ha’s song is a grea…

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