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Katy Perry Personal Style Tips
September 7, 2009, 12:40 pm
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Katy Perry has equally gained attention for her jaw-dropping attire as her sexy lyrics. Since bursting onto the music scene with her hit debut album, One of the Boys, the 24-year old has pledged to follow her own fashion calling, trusting instincts, and taking wardrobe chances.

“I never wanted to be a wallflower. In the music industry today, there are very limited ranges of female artists who are not afraid to take chances. We’re entertainers, we’re meant to entertain. Costumes, they simply go hand and hand with a performance.”

Backstage at the 2009 15th Anniversary of Warped Tour, Katy’s unique fashion choices are in full bloom. Wearing a white mini A-Line dress, decorated with red and grey sparkled polka dots, the sexy songstress has never appeared more confident.

“I have a fabulous designer friend, who travels with me and creates me these funky flirty outfits. I try to have different ones for each performance when possible. I work him!”

With her own personal designer, Katy is specific with what styles she wants to see created.

“I don’t follow trends. I have my own look, ‘Lolita Meets Old Hollywood Glam.’ It’s all about being confident, if you present yourself that way, it doesn’t matter what you wear, you’ll pull it off.”

Katy’s confidence has been turning heads since her half-suit, half-dress wardrobe choice she sported to the 2008 MTV Music Awards, gaining an ever-increasing amount of attention for her fashion since. Not always on the best-dressed list, her confidence continues, further empowering her unique sense of style.

“I like experimenting, and I’m OK with critics not praising every single one of my looks. It means I take chances, and I stand by everything I’ve worn. My sister and I have a running joke, saying, ‘It’s OK; you’ll get it in a couple more years’. I don’t mind, there’s nothing fun in just wearing whatever designers throw at you.”

Quickly growing as a fashion icon for her quirky style, Katy advises fans to utilize the most of unique garment choices.

“My advice to fans who want to have their own individual wardrobe sense, is to take advantage of vintage stores. Vintage is great, as everything is cheap and there’s a very limited chance anyone else will be sporting what you do. My favorite purse right now is actually from a out-of-town Minnesota vintage shop that I bought for $7. Find items that you enjoy, that fit your body well, and own it.”

-Melissa Rogers

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