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Taylor Swift Old Myspace Comments Resurfaced
June 7, 2009, 6:15 pm
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In a bit of sad news, reportedly it seems as though Taylor Swift has had some old Myspace comments come back to haunt her. Starting in late 2005, comments exchanged between ‘Taylor’ and a home town friend were found, which discuss Taylor making statements such as “how about we combine me, my car, grant (motherf*cking) wood’s house,….some boys,….some drinks because you might get thirsty, and new years eve.” Other comments include profanity, more drinking refrences, lollipop deep throating stories, and shooting people they don’t like.
First off let me say that everyone’s human, and no one is better (or worse) than anyone else. It’s unfortunate that Taylor (if it was Taylor that wrote these) spoke openly about never drinking just weeks before these surface of but again no one is perfect and we shouldn’t race to conclusions about her simply by comments, but rather trust what she says in person.
What are your thoughts on the Taylor Swift comments? ( Double click images to make full size)


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😦 I really hope that this isn’t her talking.. I don’t like her any less if it is.. but I know that the media is going to try and detroy her for awhile .. 😦

Comment by Anonymous

oh taylor
it’s fine that you had your party days, i just wish you hadnt used your official myspace to talk about it….

Comment by jayda

the drunk as hell one is 100% photoshopped…. i saw the original comment. they just took some guys comment and put taylors picture over his.

Comment by Anonymous

Would you please send us the original picture then? I’ll be the first to state the pictures are false, but I need proof to state otherwise, and so far all I have is faith in people that have sent them to me direct from her myspace.

Comment by fliesonthewall

yeah i think the drunk one is photoshopped and the rest aren’t that bad and you may want to edit to talk about how she was quoting someone else and it was about deep throating a lollipop not just deep throating ’cause honestly there is a big diff

Comment by Briesca

oh come on. you’re all acting like superprudes.
so she got drunk. you’re honestly telling me that none of you have had a drink.
we’ve all made mistakes. i’m sure everyone has done something that they’re regretted. it’s too bad taylor’s has to be splattered across the internet.

Comment by Jenny

gossip websites shouldn’t even post this stuff.. it’s none of our business what Taylor writes about with her friends, you should only post stuff that benefits and has to do with her career.

Comment by Anonymous

Those pictures are from her high school prom and by those comments you can tell it’s a poser.

Comment by Samantha

The drunk one is PHOTOSHOPPED. You should remove this crap RIGHT NOW and stop spreading rumors. For one, everyone knows that Taylor is the queen of grammar. She doesn’t even type like that in that comment about getting crunk. Do you know how easy it is to photoshop myspace comments? And she was quoting OTHER people in some of those.

Comment by K

oh and you say “We personally love Taylor Swift”, well if that were true, you wouldn’t post this in the first place!

Comment by K

get over it. so what?

Comment by Anonymous

I personally think its a poser. I don’t know though, and it was back in 2005, a lot of learning can happen in 4 years. I’m going to wait for her to make a public statement but I do think some of those are just a poser.

Comment by Mitchel Fan

so what? who cares? that’s not a big deal. get over it.

Comment by me

anybody who cares to do the research on these will find half of these comments linking directly back to her official myspace

Comment by jayda

gossip websites shouldn’t even post this stuff.. it’s none of our business what Taylor writes about with her friends, you should only post stuff that benefits and has to do with her career.

Comment by Anonymous

poser or not, it was a long time ago. people change. god knows i’m a different person five years ago than i am now.
and come on. what teenager doesn’t make deep throating jokes? or drink with their friends (not that i’m condoning underage drinking!!)? or swears?
it’s what teenagers do. it’s really not that big of a shock/deal.

Comment by Jenny

It’s not that it’s bad or good, it just makes her more real.
Thank you for posting this Social Butterflies.

P.S. I’m glad you didn’t make her sound slutty or bad because of this. Other sites would have torn her to shreds.

Comment by Anonymous

YYYYah, they’re sooooo amazing. my heroes!!
when people ask me who i want to be when i grow up…i say, “social butterflies.” when i think of them…i smile.

Comment by yah...its me

I really respect you SB because you handled the situation really well. I went on Kelsey’s myspace to view the comments, and they’re all there that link right back to her music myspace. instead of being like taylor swift is a bad girl who drinks, swears, wants to shoot people and lies about everything!”, you’re like “don’t judge, we’re all human. listen to what she says in person instead of comments”.

Love you girls! Keep it up!

Comment by Sarah

i totally respect them too.
like soooooooo much.

Comment by yah...its me

———————–/´ ¯/) COPY AND PASTE
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———–/´¯/’–‘/´¯`•_IS A DUMBASS
——–(‘(———- ¯~/’–‘)

Comment by M

^^not necessary

dont hate on sb. theyre cool.

Comment by lala

sooooo agree. they’re the best!!
i pray every night that i’ll be like them…

Comment by yah...its me

if no one cared what demi said they shouldnt care about taylor’s myspace comments

Comment by Anonymous

what did demi say?
and LOL to yah…it’s me.

Comment by Jenny

Demi said a lot of stuff which contradicts what she says today.

As for Taylor, Melissa, remember I told you about the research I did on both Kelsey and Taylor’s pages? They don’t match up with the photos you put up, unless I missed something. I still refuse to think this is real unless I see them on Kelsey’s myspace those comments (i don’t see them ANYWHERE on her page). With Demi’s, you can see them clearly on Marissa’s page however.

Comment by [alice]

They are, I looked into them. I personally found all of them but one, but i also found a ton of others that I didn’t post. You can find them starting here:!50!23!7008515!7008505

I LOVE taylor, and have nothing against her, but there were comments where she said they should make it mandatory for whores to be tattooed to say they’re whores, and that she knows just the girl that should be branded first. and how she was getting her license and how they should go shoot the girls they hate. I was more surprised than anything. Just search under the date, and they’re there.

Hope that helps alice!

Comment by fliesonthewall!50!7!7008964!7008908

here’s the shooting comment, a dating comment & spying with cursing….(just damn but still)

Comment by fliesonthewall!50!6!7009016!7008965

and that page has the underaged drinking listed as “drinks” and the others.

hope that helps!

Comment by fliesonthewall

Oh, I found them already, I guess thanks though. Turns out, I looked at the wrong Kelsey. However, I still didn’t find anything about being “Drunk as Hell”. That’s the only thing that’s AWOL still. As for what she said for shooting, cursing, spying, etc. it could’ve been done in good humour. It’s obvious even now Taylor has a odd sense of humour. As for the swearing, she swore on her first album. I am left on unaffected.
Also, I do agree with Anonymous that if you guys are posting these comments, you should post Demi’s as well. It’s only fair.

Comment by [alice]

I might take a risk at sounding naive, but drinks can be really non-alcoholic drinks.

Comment by [alice]

The “drunk as hell” comment is on the second page of that myspace.

Comment by Anonymous

the drinking one is totally photoshopped

heres the link …!50!1!84390771!7009656

Comment by Fu Fu

Thanks Fu Fu, I actually took down the ‘drunk n crunk’ title and quote from the post yesterday, but I checked on all the rest of the comments, and they’re all real and that’s why they’re still up. If you look on page 6 and 7, the drinking on new years eve and cursing, and deep throating the lollipop are all there.

Comment by fliesonthewall

uh some of those comments are really fake I’ve read her myspace comments from 2005 and 2006 and it didnt say that you obviously changed it in microsoft word losers get a life

Comment by Anonymous

Really, are you sure of that anonymous, because they’re all right here:!50!6!7009016!7008965

and here:!50!5!7009067!7009017

since you searched so long through a year of comments, you should have seen them : )

Comment by fliesonthewall

Melissa, I recall awhile back when I first started trying to find things for you guys to possibly post, I found Demi’s old myspace comments. You said it wasn’t positive and would prefer not to post them. Now you posted Taylor’s which weren’t exactly positive for her image either. SO shouldn’t you post Demi’s now just to be fair?

Comment by [alice]

Yeah, but I didn’t post Taylor’s simply to post them. There were a lot of photoshopped comments (many of which fans on here seem to think are all still photoshopped) but I recieved a lot of rumor reports of her having sex and what not as other comments, so I only posted it for damage control, not to create a story. I LOVE Taylor Swift and I use Social B to promote positive promotion of stars, and I am not one to use the site for rumors and what not, just the messages were flooding my email of what is rumored to have been commented and what not, so I just made a post of it to be like “here’s all the comments, don’t judge her, she’s human like everyone else, and all the other comments don’t exist, it’s just these.”

If I was trying to bring down celebs I’d post the Demi ones also, but even if they were worse, I try to stay away from negativity because there are already too many sites that do that.

Comment by fliesonthewall

i see now. thanks

Comment by [alice]

naw i dont think those r her

Comment by megan

what are the demi ones…i want to know what she said. and sometimes these things make stars more relatable. i love taylor but her holier than thou image was starting to get to post demis!

Comment by Anonymous

Okay, Anonymous, I’ll send you the link since Melissa doesn’t want to post Demi’s. Here it is.

And all of the Demi quotes are found on Marissa’s myspace.

If you scroll at the end of Demi’s myspace page, you’ll see comments that match up with what’s on Marissa’s page, as well additional photos of Demi when she was younger.

Comment by Anonymous

*that post was by me, [alice].
I actually forgot to put my name…OOPS:)

Comment by Anonymous

thanks! i read them, they didn’t seem bad at all, I don’t know what the issue was. Maybe I missed something, but to me it just seemed as if Demi and this girl are really close friends. but thank you!

Comment by Anonymous


I can’t speak for anyone but myself for Demi’s comments. So the only reason I wasn’t fond of hers is that they seem to contradict with how Demi tried to portray herself when Camp Rock out. Remember the dark clothing and her rants of being mistreate/ostracized in school? I felt by reading the comments she wrote, they didn’t add up to what she said. For goodness sakes, she was a pageant girl, shown in tons of stereotypically “preppy” things, and seems like she had a lot of friends (and rarely mentioned selena). but yes, i know you can’t change everything by old myspace comments.

you’re welcome.

Comment by [alice]

That’s so true! The only thing I was really aware of as I read all the comments is how girly she seemed, and she always tries to shake off that image now. I like Demi, so maybe she was just going through a phase where she was trying to please the masses. And I thought the Selena thing was a bit odd too, if they’ve been best friends for so long where was the mention of her? It’s kinda weird now how they don’t seem to be as obsessed with each other as they were before- maybe it’s because they’re both so busy. Oh and one more thing, the Marissa girl from Demi’s myspace is going on tour with her this summer, I guess they really are biffers.

Plus, the myspace comments with Taylor, it doesn’t seem like everybody at her school hated her and thought she was weird, which is how she makes it out to be. Maybe she was only talking about her middle school issues when she would say how she was the weird girl at school. As far as I can tell from Taylor’s myspace comments, she was just like most of the girls in my highschool, nothing wrong with that.

Thank you though for sending me that link! And I just realized I essentially wrote you a book, ok sorry about that! Thanks again!

Comment by Anonymous

You’re welcome. It’s no problem, I appreciate a good book comment, too. I have a habit of doing the same. Yeah, with Demi’s comments, I was completely mesmerized when I read them. For me, I was never a fan of hers and didn’t buy into her image much. So when I read hers, I was like “Does this mean I was right?” As for the Selena/Demi thing, I know it’s so weird. Demi only mentions her like once and it’s like Demi telling Marissa she’s going to celebrate Selena’s birthday with Selena (but Demi seemed like she was dreading it). Plus, she kept on saying how Marissa is her number one best friend. As for now, yeah, it’s like Demi and Selena had their youtube videos always together and are with each other. Now, it seems like they couldn’t farther apart despite having a current movie together coming out. As for Demi being girly and preppy, if it was really just like a mere stage from her life/how she used to be, I’d understand. Instead of saying, “Oh, I had my dark days. I was so sad and lonely all the time. I was always teased.”, I’d commend her if she actually said something like “I used to be pretty girly and all. But I’ve changed,” or “There was a time I felt like I had to be someone else,”. But how she doesn’t address any of this kind of leaves me in confused.
As for Taylor’s situation, I do admit I was surprised too that she seemed well-liked by her female peers. But maybe the shunning was from her middle school days as you stated. Because think about it, if she managed to have had boyfriends in high school, it makes sense for her to have girlfriends as well (platonically speaking of course). Yeah, with Taylor’s comments, it’s clear it sounds like her. As I said before, she has an odd sense of humour. It’s cute at times, for sure. She still seems like herself, even looking at those old comments. However, if she was like writing comments that didn’t add up like her today (like the photoshopped drunk one) then it would definitely make me see her in a new light whether positive, negative, or neutral.

Sorry for my book now, Anonymous. Hopefully, you’re a bookworm, too:)

Comment by [alice]

I completely agree with your view on Taylor. As I was reading the comments a lot of things started to make sense to me. I mean some of the stuff she was saying was kind of harsh, and I mean sure some of it could be because she was in high school still and everyone is catty there. But I kind of got a weird vibe. I also understand that she could have been trying to act in a way to please her female friends, trying to fit in. Because some of the stuff she said didn’t jibe with how she portrays herself in the media. I also couldn’t figure out if she drank or not, clearly she has been in situations where alcohol is prevalent, but in her Dateline special she categorically denies ever having tasted even a sip of alcohol. Now I don’t know whether or not I believe that, and if she has drank or not it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when people lie about it (although I know she is underage and a role model, but things come out eventually ya know). Overall in the grand scheme of things if this is the only tarnish Taylor has on her image then it’s not that bad.

And with Demi, I definitely think now she is closer to Miley and that Marissa chick. She and Selena are still close but not like they were before. If anything Selena seems closer with Taylor now. I’m not a huge Selena fan so that is really fine with me. And what you said about Demi’s comments, they still don’t seem to match up with how she said she was in the past. Maybe when she was super immersed in the whole Disney world she decided to become darker and edgier. Or maybe she is trying to make her self look like the anti-Disney girl, no more pink and frills and girly girl stuff but dark and black and more rock n roll kinda things.

Just a thought, Alice, sorry for another book. I did like reading yours though!

Comment by Anonymous

ok so you can totally tell this is fake. first of all on taylors myspace when she post blogs does not say things like “dat.” and then secondly one of the dates says the time is 0:17. Um thats not a time. and then hirdly it says taylor was in england in 2005. Not possible her first trip to england was in 2008. So whoever gave you these is plainly a hateful person. And we all know taylor swift is a good person so stop pretending shes not, because whoever is, is just jealous. and if this is all they have time to do them i feel incredibly bad for them.

Comment by none of your business

It’s not her i should know i look at her myspace almost everyday (I’m like her biggest fan)and the date on those are 05 and 06 she didn’t even defalt that picture till this year! it is SO fake and so stupid that someone would make this up!

Comment by SAM

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Comment by Anonymous

It’s not good that she reportedly used to drink, but there are a lot of worse things she could have been doing. The truth is that most teens do drink at one point or another. I think she’s probably grown up a little bit now, since she seems to be making pretty god decisions and not turning into another Brittany Spears.

Comment by KK

My comment is this is HILARIOUS! GO T SWIFT! Who would have figured shes a normal person who thinks off-color jokes are hilarious like me and most other people? Plus she was 15 or something when those where written. I’m 20 and I still joke around about stuff like that. Next thing you know there’s gonna be a video of her rippin a 4 foot bong and shotgunning beers all while yelling racial slurs. That would deserve a high five, or several high fives.

Comment by Lst212

The comments about her getting “drunk & crunk” are absolutely fake. Scroll down to Jul 18, 2006 10:24 AM around the middle of the page and you’ll see who really wrote it.!50!3!7009589!7009539

Comment by Sarah Duong

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Those pictures aren’t of Taylor Swift. Look closely at the face shape of the girls. This one of the stupidest hoaxes I have seen from someone.

Comment by Jdeere213

These are fake..
and terrible

Comment by sarah

i tryed clicking on those links but it just goes to the myspace home page. does anyone know how to go to it??

Comment by hducnsijkmx

Not all of them are fake, but yeah some of them are fake, they are from other people who posted on the same page. Like the ones of her talking about drinking by the lake wasn’t her, but someone else, I remember seeing it in a cached page. Some are real, but realize it’s her odd sense of humor showing, not drunk commenting lol. Plus she was just a kid, 15.

Comment by Nick

That’s not her. “Her” icon was taken in 2009 and it says “she” posted it in 2005/2006, it’s totally made up.

Comment by jahoda

It’s not Taylor. It’s edited guys. This is supposedly done in 2005/2006 the icon it has wasn’t taken until 2009

Comment by Anonymous

Myspace always updates to the newest fucking profile picture, dumbasses.

Comment by Anonymous

wow idk if that was taylor but HOW FUCKING MEAN

Comment by mariah

yea ilove taylor so much she iss my idol

Comment by mariah

this is definitely fake. not gonna believe. I trust in Taylor. Plus if she is it really, I don’t care. It’s the past. Anyone makes mistakes. She’s young at that time and still doesn’t know what’s good and bad. Look at her now. She’s beyond flawless, cares for everyone and very lovely.

Comment by mary

wow Taylor u really posted tht!?!?! Im kinda dissaponted at u Taylor Siwft I hope thts FAKE

Comment by emma

Your so awesome your my favorite you so much

Comment by Aubrey

Your so awesome, you are my favorite singer and I like your song you belong to me.luv you so much your the best

Comment by Aubrey

this isn’t surprising, they are all fake anyway..

Comment by martha

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this is sean herrera and im a big fan of yours ps i love will u b mine i will treat you right baby

Comment by sean herrera

I meant 2 say i love u taylor this is sean

Comment by sean herrera

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Comment by sean herrera

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Taylor is a human being, the mechanics of every human being is subject to, “doing”, or “saying” things. This is just te way it is, she owes no one an apology. “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone”! My daughter Gracie, will always love Taylor!

Comment by Jackie Bradford

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Taylor Swift Old Myspace Comments Resurfaced | Social Butterflies

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Taylor Swift Old Myspace Comments Resurfaced | Social Butterflies

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of interest we have a link to[…]…

In a bit of sad news, reportedly it seems as though Taylor Swift has had some old Myspace comments come back to haunt her. Starting in late 2005, comments exchanged between

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