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Demi Lovato’s Camp Loves Ticketmaster Right Now
April 12, 2009, 7:53 pm
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Oh Ticketmaster…they can’t leave the surprises up to the artists anymore it seems like. It appears as though the site has leaked out information that in fact Demi Lovato will be on tour this summer with American Idol runner up, David Archuleta. While I personally haven’t listened to his music yet, and the line-up is far from the Demi, Selena, Jonas Brothers tour that Selena had been noted as hoping for I think it will make for a great show none-the-less. Feel free to add Selena on as a special guest anytime though!

(Source Of Confirmation)

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it’s an interesting match, and i’d much prefer a ladies tour of demi, selena, miley & taylor…but that would just be IMPOSSIBLE to get tickets too haha…i think they’ll do great together!

Comment by Sheryl

p.s. it kinda reminds me of a jesse mccartney/jordin sparks type tour, I wonder what type of arenas or small theatres they’ll play?

Comment by Sheryl

It seems that they and itunes always let the cat out of the bag

Comment by Bianca


Comment by Praisley

I really wish Selena or another Disney artist could join them on tour, but I’ll go support both of them regardless. They’ll do amazing!

Comment by Fiona

*sigh* I’m not a fan of David Archuleta. ;(
Can’t Demi be a one man show? Haha. (Or woman, in this case). All Demi…all the time. LOL.

Comment by Brianna

its an interesting match up because their music is completely different…I see her going on tour more with like selena and honor society or i dunno maybe ksm…ohhh or alana grace, but i’m sure it will be amazing no matter what!

Comment by Fiona

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