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Wardrobe Staples, Every Closet Should Own
August 1, 2008, 12:41 am
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Wardrobe staples are the building blocks of a solid, well-compiled collection of attire. Clothing options stored in dressers and hung in closets represent more than just the fabric itself, representing first and lasting impressions others view of you. Apparel considered to be a staple, represents that the item is trend proof, able to be worn on any occasion without going out of style and flexible, in that it can be matched with many other attire options you own. By investing in a solidified closet of a few wardrobe essentials, you can rest assured you appear well-presentable, confident, and very well-dressed!

White Button-Down Office Shirt:

Always professional, the classic white button-down office shirt is perfect to be worn to work, interviews and formal meetings during the day. During the evening hours, the staple can be worn underneath a plain long-sleeved colored cardigan to provide a Hampton-esque casual classy vibe.

Black V-Neck Tank Top:

A plain, basic v-neck tank top is an affordable wardrobe staple that should be found in all closets. Able to be worn during the day paired with denim shorts, or khaki capris, the solid dark color flatters all body types, providing a more slender appearance, while providing a well-balanced outfit choice. For the evening, this black top can be tucked into a pencil skirt, or hang loosely over form-fitting jeans to provide a look perfect for night.

Suzy Magnin, costume designer for the television show, Prison Break, praises the black V-neck for its versatility. “Black is a color that never goes out of style. It makes both women and men appear skinnier, and can be downplayed for a casual look, or dressed up for a more elegant style. On set we use plain black V-necks quite constantly, as we won’t have to worry about the show appearing outdated by the time it airs, and for repeat reasons. Women and men should use this to their advantage with their own wardrobes, and have fun experimenting with what to match the black staple with.”

Black Evening Dress Pant:

For semi-formal occasions, the black dress pant works well to frame the legs, while not drawing too much attention to them. A wonderful alternative for females not comfortable in dresses and skirts, black dress pants with a pressed line down the center from belt loop to cuff provide a slimming, lengthening appearance. Paired beautifully with a dressy warm-toned blouse, or a casual shirt underneath a cardigan can provide a timeless ensemble.

The Little Black Dress:

Always elegant, the little black dress is one, if not the most, well-recognized wardrobe staple. With options available to flatter women of all sizes and shapes, this timeless item can be worn to all semi-formal and formal events. The black dress can be downplayed with black heels and limited jewelry, or accessorized for a more distinctive outfit, matched with loud, bulky necklaces or bracelets.

Suzy Magnin suggests the little black dress is best worn when matched with a limited amount of accessories. “This wardrobe staple is ideal, in that a little black dress from twenty years ago, can still be equally as fashionable in the future. Given the basic concept of the dress, to distinguish yourself from other guests at a function or gathering, pair the dress with a long drape of real or fake pearls around your neck. Consider adding a thin belt below the chest, to add more structure to the dress, and direct attention to the size of the breasts in comparison to the upper waist.”

Purchasing these timeless wardrobe staples can guarantee there will always be something to wear in your closet. Always in fashion, and always classy, such essentials provide an elegant attire that can be paired with other clothing items to provide a well-presentable look. Depending on personal style, wardrobe staples can be increased to suit your desires in other categories, including skirts and dress shoes. As Magnin states, “It isn’t what wardrobe staples you have that matter, it’s the confidence you exude while wearing the staples that truly makes a lasting impression. Be comfortable and feel sexy in your items, others will notice.”

-Melissa Rogers

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